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by allibee

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
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Here we have a close up of a big strong hand holding a very small hand, and it dominates the card completely, with just a small area of background. I used shades derived from primary blue to juxtapose the monochromatic hands, and the big strong hand has been blurred whilst the smaller hand only slightly. It is the grip that is the area of interest.


I have used the concept of a father holding a child's hand to bring to life the Emperor. The blurred image of his hand suggests that it is not his hand that is important, but the grip. It could seem as if he is squeezing the child's hand very firmly, but it could also mean that it is in fact the child that is holding on very tightly. Either way, there is structure, strength and guidance coming from the father … however loose or firmly they cling together…. He is maturity, strength, knowledge and experience compared to the small child.

Card Meaning

The Emperor is supreme ruler, lawmaker and warlord. He is also, by the same token, protector, provider, judge and peace upholder. He is the guiding hand that makes the rules to keep us safe, nurtured and happy, our very foundation…. Although we may not always appreciate his methods. His bark can leave us quaking in our boots. To a small child, their father is a God, no less. He holds them tight to guide them away from danger, to support their tottering footsteps, to catch them if they fall and make them better if they scrape their knees, but it is by this strong guidance that they - and we - can learn to walk unaided. To make our own way. Only by rules, do we know our boundaries.

Artistic Media

I painted the background in my favourites…. Silk Emulsion match pots from the local DIY store. They are not far removed from artists Acrylics and a blooming sight cheaper! I then used my Fuji FinePix 6900zoom digital camera to take a picture of my son's hand and fused that with a picture of myself as a small child holding my Mum's hand. This was done in PhotoShop 7, and a lot of work was then done to produce the image.

Artist's Bio

I graduated from Northbrook College of Art and Design in 2002 with an HNC completed in one year instead of three, and an HND completed in one year instead of two. An HND representing to the industry technical knowledge, whereas a Degree represents personal development, but I'm as well developed as I need to be :O) I have been reading tarot cards for many years now, but since coming to Aeclectic my eyes have been opened to a whole new facet of Tarot, and my readings have been endowed with a whole new dimension also.

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