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Four of Wands
by starsongs

Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


A Ram stands poised, with four feet on the path. He has completed one phase, and is ready for the next. He pauses to rest and celebrate his accomplishment, reminding himself to be generous with the fruits of his labor. There is a sense of rejoicing and anticipation in the air. A white Dove hovering in a spiraling sky above blesses his progress.

The Dove's tail gently forms the structure for the archway through which the Ram will eventually pass as he enters the next phase. The path narrows ahead. He soon will begin the journey of refining and further defining all that he has become. But first, he must consolidate all that has gone before.

Four strategically placed staffs act as conductors of a constant energy flow between the realms.


The Ram (Aries) is a symbol of the pure energy of Spirit (Wands),
The Square: a symbol of Structure and Order (4)
The Path: The Journey
The Diamond: Soul
The Flame: the Eternal Flame, Flame of Spirit
The Dove: Chesed, Loving Kindness, Venus
Vines with Fruit: Fruitfulness, Harvest
Green: Healing, Earth
Blue and Lilac: Love, Soul, Spirit
White: Purity, Unity
Red/Orange: Will, Excitement/Creativity
Yellow: Flame, Intellect

Card Meaning

Directed Fire, Focused Creativity, Relaxation, Celebration, Inspiration, Excitement, Forward-Looking, Enjoying the Harvest, Sharing the Harvest, Harmony, Rite of Passage.

Reversed: Inability to find an outlet or 'container' for creative inspiration, failure to express joy, apathy, lack of inspiration.

Artistic Media

Watercolor, colored pencils, and pen on paper.

Artist's Bio

starsongs is a soon to be 54 year old native of Cincinnati, Ohio, who is delighted with the opportunity to be a part of this project.

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