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6 of Cups

Artist's Concept
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio

Artist's Concept

The Six of Cups is a card that I am fond of and to which I can relate. In my novel, The Channel, the protagonist has a Tarot card in his hand on the very first page. It is the Six of Cups. When I was writing this scene, I had little knowledge of Tarot and no plan for what card he would be holding. So I fanned my Mythic deck and drew a card, the Six of Cups. I looked up its meaning and incorporated it into the story. And it of course was the perfect card. Nostalgic reflections, looking backůsome people never bother to and others live constantly in the past. But there is a middle ground. I feel the past is important for many reasons. It is where your life lessons reside, where love began and sorrow disturbed. So when designing this card, I attempted to carry into it the theme of 'innocence reclaimed'. The picture is surreal, just as our childhood memories have become pleasantly or painfully distorted, assuming an apocryphal quality. And although we can never go back, we can nevertheless bring forward some of the innocent clarity that once inhabited our lives. This RWS theme card portrays two children, one slightly older than the other. The older child reaches for an illuminated cup, as if by reaching for the 'grail' of childhood memories, he can impart some bit of brotherly advice. Just as we can, when we most need to, reach back into our childhood and recall a moment of innocence, of unadulterated joy or peace, and bring that moment into our current lives.


Nostalgia but not mere longing for the past, rather, purposeful remembrance of some cherished moment or person that we can bring into the present. Also, reviving something from the past, a relationship or situation, not to re-live but to take in a new direction. Also, the card may represent the gift of wisdom from a mentor to a pupil or family member. Reversed the card can mean living too much in the past, unable to break free from memories. Or conversely, forsaking the past and moving forward into the future.

Artistic Media

I was planning to photograph my two children in a set pose, but I happened to take this picture from about 40 yards away and when I looked at it later I realized that it was the perfect shot for my card. In PhotoShop I used a trace contour filter for the 'surreal' effect. I then took another picture of a wine goblet and pasted it into the picture and used various paintbrushes to accentuate the cups.

Artist's Bio

Lawguy51 is a 52 year old music lawyer who lives in Toronto and is the Managing Director of The Orange Record Label. Lawguy51 also practices Entertainment Law. When he isn't at work, Lawguy can be found either studying Tarot or relaxing with a target shotgun in his hand, shooting a round of skeet or sporting clays at a nearby club (don't worry, I'm a vegetarian!). Lawguy51 is the author of the novel "The Channel", published by Lost Coast in 2000. He is married and has two children.

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