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by Major Tom

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
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Parked in the petrol station forecourt, the Chariot pauses a moment, and flushed with victory, waves to the world in regal fashion. The Charioteer is indistinguishable from his vehicle.


The colours Orange-yellow, green and blue-green were used to symbolise the sign Cancer as recommended by Manly P. Hall's "Astrological Keywords". The crabs pulling the Chariot also symbolise Cancer, while reminding us of the opposing light and dark forces that pull the Chariot. The lower half of the Chariot itself is a cube representing the Cube of Space while the upper half appears to be a man. The starry canopy represents the celestial and the four pillars holding it the four elements, reminding us of the truth 'as above, so below'. These symbols have been suggested by Paul Foster Case in his "The Tarot - A Key to the Wisdom of Ages". The whole card should symbolise in Dr. Case's words: "Self examination will convince you that not the least of your personal actions (are) anything more or less than a particular manifestation in time and space of some phase of the sum-total of cosmic influences. "

Card Meaning

The Chariot is about control of opposing forces. Either you have control in your life or you do not. In Divination the Chariot indicate anything from a car to the loss of control of that car due to drunkenness. The actual control issue involved may be determined through an examination of the surrounding cards.

Artistic Media

Scanned felt tip pen and digital photography modified using Paint Shop Pro 5.

Artist's Bio

Major Tom is a 47 year old professional tarologue living in Suffolk, England with his beautiful girlfriend. He spent 12 years in the US Air Force and 7 years with Suffolk Social Services and mostly lives off pensions from both. Now he spends his time trying to help others.

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