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7 of Swords
by Trogon

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
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Here we are witnesses to something, which is an almost everyday occurrence. This is the person who attempts to get away with something without paying for it. In this instance we see a person who is nonchalantly hiding books in his jacket. We also see that a Police Officer has seen this attempt and is reaching out to stop the thief; however, he is blocked by items between him and the would-be thief. It is uncertain whether the person will be caught, or make his “getaway”. We also notice that the shoplifter is seemingly unaware of the danger in which he has put himself. But, even if he does manage to get away, he has been seen… his secret is out.

There is one other aspect to this little scenario… that is that the viewer has a part to play… they are a witness and as such must decide whether to ignore what is going on, or step in and help and on which side?

To me, this is about more than the theft of property… the books represent ideas more than just items. After all, the suit of swords is related to ideas, thinking and so forth, so when I “thought” of this image, it immediately came to mind to use books… especially textbooks. By the way…they’re calculus texts, just in case you were wondering. I chose the blue border to represent the men and women of law enforcement.

Card Meaning

You are trying to make off with something which is not yours. Alternatively, being the victim of such an occurrence. Plagiarism. Piracy of software, music, etc. Taking credit for work which is not yours. The attempt is unwise as even if you aren’t caught outright, it will still be known. An attempt to conceal something from others. Having knowledge of such an occurrence. Keeping secrets, spying, a sneaky nature. Evasive. More positive aspects are being circumspect, cautious, and observant. Collecting ideas, research.

Reversed: The thief gets caught, but may be forgiven or “given a break” but he must learn the lesson. Seeking or receiving help from another, or offering help. Counseling. Encouragement, good advice. Talking things out, opening lines of communication. The “secret” is out… the “cat is out of the bag”. Questionable efforts or means used to achieve what seems to be a good result.

Artistic Media

This is an original photograph using a Police Officer with whom I work. The other person is an employee at the store where the photo was taken. The photo was taken using ambient light on 35mm, 400 ASA film. The camera was a Canon, using a 35mm wide-angle lens. The border is blue terrycloth. The “swords” across the top is an old Case brand Bowie knife that was photographed on the same blue cloth used for the border. The photos had been put on a Photo CD, then I put them together and did a little touch-up (cleaning out dust marks, etc) using Paint Shop Pro.

Artist's Bio

I’m 46 years old. I was raised in Arizona. I spent 8 years in the U.S. Navy as a missile technician (on submarines) and in a few other capacities. I’ve been working in law enforcement off-and-on since about 1980. I’ve been working at this same police department for over 15 years.

I had my first exposure to the Tarot when I was growing up as my mother had bought an Albano-Waite deck back in the 1960’s. Then, several years ago our neighbor got me reinterested in the Tarot and began teaching me about the cards. She is the one who really got me started in Tarot reading. However, I do have to say that I’ve probably learned more about the Tarot in the months that I’ve been participating in the Aeclectic Tarot forums than in the past several years.

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