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Seven of Wands

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
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You are seeing six wands flying towards the seventh wand, which is surrounded by grey neutral colour, surrounded by blue peaceful aura, and has erected an emotional field that has met conflict with the six wands mental powers. The red line is a line of attachment. For without this attachment the need for social valour would be unnecessary.


The six wands are red to represent passion, earthly desires. I put an aura of different colour kind of red around it, one not so vibrant that represents impure desires or dark intentions. The yellow mental energy surrounded the six wands is a mass collective energy kind of like the carebear stare. The red wands who stands alone like Theoden king of the two towers has a grey aura to be neutral and to be his relation to the middle pillar of the tree of life. He has erected the peace around it, signifying through neutrality is peace found. The green emotional shield he put up has met their mental energies signified by the washed out green and the red passion on the other side of it. The red line of passion pure passion says this can not be avoided, ("whether you like it or not open war is upon you "). The green bottom of the picture signifies dark power emotional topped by lighter emotions. The sign is surrounded by earthly brown mixed by orange, saying this is natural thing in the order of events in your world but it is necessary for fertility and creativity. I kept in mind that rider Waite image in my mind of the lone man standing against the 6 wands; he is in a defensive posture ready. And the wand was told to stand up for me by intuition for I recall Obi Won Kenobi defensive posture with his light sabre up, at peace in the universe, given to the moment knowing his job is done. There are kabbalistic colours of the sephiroth of the seventh. And astrology colours by the books I studied. Also the title comes from Thoth tarot, valour but with a social content added for society is the basis for our world and we must do what we must sometimes.

Card Meaning

Why would he mention the carebear stare in a card called social valour? In this picture it is not necessary that they are attacking the wand, but perhaps they have taken in the need of the one outweighs the needs of the many (actually it is supposed to be the needs of the many outweighs the one but star trek changed that at the end of the search for spoke when they rescued their comrade). Hence it is their blood brother, their friend, their aspects of themselves they are going to save. And he is just standing alone and here they come like the cavalry. Reversed it means your friend needs help, or you have to ask your friend for help.

Going back to traditional meanings. It is they who are attacking the weaker, or the stronger, it is regardless of strength for there is strength in numbers but sometimes the miracles can occur, the few can survive, the outnumber can win, the heroes can win the day against the forces of evil. Or simply yes I will last out the day.

Reversed, it says you may fail if you don't prepare and accept that this has been forced and you can decided to fight, surrender, or hold your own, but it is your choice to make but they are coming.

Artistic Media

Water colour pencil crayons, water colour and water.

Artist's Bio

I am a 27 year old Ojibwe Indian from Ontario Canada. I weigh 400 pounds, wear glasses, and have long hair. I channel ascended masters, arch angels, angels, and spirit guides. I studied the tarot for 2 years, although I dabbled in the tarot for 12 years.

The name HOLMES comes from online rpg called ultima online, where I originally intended to be a detective in forensic evaluation but became an warrior when it was revealed there was no career in the gaming world for me using that skill.

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