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Eight of Swords
by lunalafey

Description & Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio

Description & Meaning

I did not really choose the 8 of Swords... sort of being true to its nature, it captured me. While looking over the small list of cards left, a vision struck me and sent me to the floor laughing. It would not be until I started the text part that I would see so much more of how my vision reflects the traditional meaning of the 8 of Swords.

How could a 'negative' card bring such amusement? Let's see; the 8 of Swords is about being trapped in a situation and not being able to see a way out. After my drawing was done I compared my image to the traditional image. I found a delightful parallel of symbolism that I was unaware of while drawing. The Rider-Waite has a figure, I have the mouse. This signifies the person in the situation. The figure is unable to see their surrounding because of a blindfold. My mouse cannot see because there are walls that block his view. Not only are the eyes bound from sight, the figures arms are bound as well. This restricts movement. This body binding is the same as the whole maze. The mouse is limited in moving about the maze. Not all actions will lead to success, but freedom is there if one does not give up.

Then there are the Swords - there are eight that circle around the figure. They are like a reminder to the figure in the card that once the bindings are off, she is still not quite free yet. The Swords in my card are there, but they cannot be seen, for they are still retracted. They will not emerge until the time is right. Now this mouse may find its way out of the maze, but he still has the claws of a feline to evade. Those razor sharp claws will tear that mouse to pieces if he is not careful.

The 8 of Swords gives a very unsettling feeling. One sits at the edge of their seat just waiting to see if there is a successful escape, or a sacrifice of 'life'. There is a way out of every trap, even in the most difficult of situations. One must be very cautious in making their get away, just because there are no longer walls does not mean there is no danger.

[This mouse maze is a real maze. Enter the 8 of swords - from the hole at the bottom next to the cat, to the whole at the top, where freedom lies. Ccan you find your way through?]

Artistic Media

Just plain drawing paper, an eraser & graphite pencil with a finger for shading now and then.

Artist's Bio

This was my third card for the Aeclectic Tarot Project II. I'm a lover of animals and a lover of art - This card somewhat embodies where I feel I'm standing right now. I have the desire to be a full time art and animal person for my 'profession'; yet the Universe has put me in a giant maze with many, many walls. I know that there is a way out & I have no intentions of giving up the search for the hole in the wall. It's around some corner somewhere. Right now I'm gathering crumbs along the way, and it's slow going. It would be nice though if some one could throw me a fat piece of cheese. Other than that. I live content under the world's largest trees and it rains all winter long. I love it.

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