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Card Meaning
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It is the Hermit card, stemming from my own channeling spirituality theme. It is the picture of a seeker being a Hermit seeking guidance by a fire at night. The spirit behind him is his higher self; the person to his right (our left) is his spirit guide. To his left (our right) it is his angel and on the other side of the fire is the thunderbird, guide of nature. The message is we are never alone.


The image differed from the Rider system of design of the Hermit card by many examples, the Hermit is an old man, yet my message was designed that anyone can be an Hermit at any given time in order to seek knowledge. A child who is alone in the meadow playing is a Hermit for example. The light in the Hermit card on the Rider system comes from his lantern, which leads his way, and gives light for others to see. The light in the channeled Hermit comes from the creator, yet the fire is there to guide those who are lost in the darkness to you. The Hermit's staff from the Rider design was taken out as my Hermit is sitting there receptive to the energies, love, and wisdom of the guides. He isn't actively pursuing his Inner Light. The clothes of the Hermit are colored as to show chakra energies. The green shirt shows that he is connection to his heart chakras, which I was taught was green. The red pants symbolize groundness. And the blue shoes show his groundness comes from peace. If you notice in the picture, there is blue at the seeker's throat, this symbolizes an active throat center for one can express his guidance.

The guides have no eyes as it was decided that light was their eye. They have no feet due to spirits are three feet above us on the spiritual plane thus when we see them they are said to have no feet. That is why the spirit thunderbird's feet are blurred. The halo on the angel was blended into his light to correspond with the renware rains spiritual light upon us. The grayness of the Hermit color was removed for in my mind eye I saw light in the darkness, as true darkness isn't negative but the void from which the creator creates, it is the unrealized potential of the creator.

Card Meaning

The card meaning to me is simply we are never alone, for we have spirit guides, our inner and higher self, our angels and the creator own light above us to guide us.

Reversed this cards means we are denying our spirituality, we are listening to lower level entities and are cut off due to our own choice from the creator. This card was intended to remove the isolation of the Hermit's aura; due to the Hermit isn't really alone.

Artistic Media

I use water colour crayons, and water. Doing the picture three times until I was scared to damage it.

Artist's Bio

I am a 27 year old Ojibwe Indian from Ontario Canada. I weigh 400 pounds, wear glasses, and have long hair. I channel ascended masters, arch angels, angels, and spirit guides. I studied the tarot for 2 years, although I dabbled in the tarot for 12 years.

The name HOLMES comes from online rpg called ultima online, where I originally intended to be a detective in forensic evaluation but became an warrior when it was revealed there was no career in the gaming world for me using that skill.

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