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9 of Pentacles
by lunalafey

Description & Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio

Description & Meaning

A woman walks a path overlooking her homestead, now a reality but was once just a dream. All her hard work has paid off. She is at home as are her horses who graze contently in the pasture. They await her return for a leisurely trail ride. In her arms she carries healing herbs that Mother Nature has provided. She finds herbs such as Mullin, Soap root, Comfrey, and Horsetail (just to name a few) growing wild on the land around her. The homestead shows a sense of her efforts. She uses all recourses that are available to her. She takes a moment to thank the universe for all her blessings.

The 9 of Pentacles paves the road to accomplishment and doing the very best to our ability. This is idea to creation and not about possession. Reaching a dream takes work. One must follow through one step at a time and take pride in the time and energy that is invested towards reaching that goal. Like the well-known saying 'you reap what you sow', some dreams take longer to accomplish and this calls for patience and perseverance. Success takes careful planning and much nurturing along the way. The end result is a bountiful harvest. When a plant grows, there are things that it needs. There are the basics such as light and water. Regular attention is required for the plant to thrive. Then there are the smaller details that some times can be overlooked. There are nutrients that the plant needs to be healthy. There are the pitfalls of the 6-legged inviting themselves to an afternoon lunch. Just like any project, one needs to keep an eye open for anything that that might hinder the development. When care is given, the plant grows big and full of color. When it is neglected, the gardener has stepped off the path. The plant wilts and dies, never reaching its full potential.

A dream is like a garden, the idea is like a seed. Planting the seed is putting the plan into action. with hard work and the necessities a harvest of plenty is the reward. This is the Harvest Moon card and associates with Virgo. The rise of the orange harvest moon and the setting sun shows the start and finish of natural cycles, like the new opportunities that come with completion of a project.

Karma makes its presence known here as well. What good is a bounty if one does not share what they have accomplished with others. There is no room for greed in the 9 of pentacles. Good fortune comes by way of good will. In some cultures, status is measured by how much one does for their fellow man. No one goes without food while another has a full plate. To be greedy and not share is disgraceful. This card also reminds us to be humble. One should not be a showoff and try to always 'one-up' others who are not as fortunate.

Artistic Media

Coloured pencils.

Artist's Bio

I'm a Capricorn mother of three, living in the Redwoods of Northern California. My dreams have always followed a natural, creative and spiritual path. When I was little I would stay awake at night and watch the sky, but it was the Moon that had me mesmerized. Having grown up with a father who was a brilliant scientist and a mother who found a path of her own, I was free to develop my own sense of faith. My ways are similar to Native American and Pagan. It seems that every 11 years I get a tarot boost. At 11, I was shown a reading by my aunt, at 22, I was given my first deck, at 33, I found the Aeclectic Tarot site. I enjoy camping and the outdoors so much that I make my home on a mountain by a river and the ocean just a short drive away. My main interests are animals, astrology, music, writing and anything artistic.

Artist's note: Choosing this card was not the original plan. I came by way of it in a reading I did for myself in regards to the goal of buying land. I decided to create this card as a manifestation excercise... I feel the time is coming soon.

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