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9 of Wands
by Lawguy51

Artist's Concept
Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio

Arist's Concept

This card is a bit of an homage to two of my favourite decks, Victoria Regina and Tarot of Prague. Both are beautiful collage decks so I decided to go through the process myself, although the two hours I spent hardly compares to painstaking work those two decks demonstrate. In this card we see a soldier, war-weary and yet at the ready. He kneels on one knee, ready to fight but conserving his waning energy. Behind him are a woman and small child. Are they his? Is this his house? We don't know but we do know that he will defend the defenseless mother and child and their home to the death.

Card Meaning

The task is almost completed. Now is not the time to give up. It may take one more extraordinary effort to achieve that which you set out to do, but you must muster the strength and willpower to hold fast. However, there is a warning here as well, that one can become so defensive as to not notice that the war has already been won or lost.

Artistic Media

Collage using Photoshop. The soldier is from a picture of a statue I took at the Gettysburg battlefield park. The house in the background is from a painting of Toddington Manor in Bedfordshire. The spears I found while searching the Internet. I was planning on duplicating one spear 9 times and then coincidentally found these 9 in one picture.

Artist's Bio

Lawguy51 is a 52 year old music lawyer who lives in Toronto and is the Managing Director of The Orange Record Label. Lawguy51 also practices Entertainment Law. When he isn't at work, Lawguy can be found either studying Tarot or relaxing with a target shotgun in his hand, shooting a round of skeet or sporting clays at a nearby club (don't worry, I'm a vegetarian!). Lawguy51 is the author of the novel "The Channel", published by Lost Coast in 2000. He is married and has two children.

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