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Ten of Wands
by jmd

Description & Symbolism
Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio

Description & Symbolism

All my previous drawings of cards have been made using more traditional media of pencils, paints, cloth or paper, etc.. I thought it time I experimented a little more with drawing and painting software programmes when it comes to Tarot. One of the fascinating aspects which emerged is that I was forever tempted to maintain a very traditional depiction. Where I allowed myself more scope for alteration is by including one of the elements associated with this suit: Fire - even though I tend to prefer, on the whole, the element of Air for Wands.

I decided to maintain an overall traditional visual depiction of the card, with four pairs of wands intersected and two uprights, but wanted to render them so faint as to imply a loss by the medium used - I went too far and had to reverse a few steps. In addition, the two central Wands were tipped flame-like, one inverted, reminiscent of some Mithraic depictions of, very possibly, the equinoctial points.

I suspect that the element of Fire was pretty much in the working of the Major Arcana I did for this project (XVI the Tower), and this undoubtedly played into this card as I worked it. Fire has the sense of willfulness, or the act of manifesting that which is desired, whether it be from the lowest to the highest motives. The flames of passion, whether in the mystical experience, in the sexual union, or in the deep engagement one develops with any research, interest or activity, can be symbolised by this element.

The ten, as the highest numbered card, is that which is both the furthest from its source (the Ace), and that which embodies - ie, brings to fruition - the impulse through each of its prior creative but incomplete phases.

Card Meaning

An achievement of a project; a fullness of engagement; the completion of something one has been totally immersed in; an extremely tight moment where combined forces need to be redirected...

Artistic Media

My trusty old little iBook and Appleworks 6.

Artist's Bio

Jmd has been exposed to the Tarot since birth, but only began serious investigation of this and other esoteric arts and sciences since his early twenties. Since 1982, he has also held various ritualistic positions in a number of esoteric orders located in Melbourne, Australia. In addition to previously teaching philosophy at University, he has also taught Tarot, Astrology, and Kabbalah courses at various other adult educational institutions. Jmd now teaches in a Steiner (Waldorf) high school and teacher-training institute.

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