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by Astra

Description & Symbolism
Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio

Description & Symbolism

And so we have The World - everything in balance: earth, air, fire, water, and spirit conjoining metaphorically. Rider-Waite runs to "lions and tigers and bears, oh my" (well, that's the impression I tend to get, anyway), but it's the same balance of the elements, expressed in terms of human differences and co-operation.

Card Meaning

Artistic Media

The artistic methods - um - see that The World has come back on the list of cards to be done. Decide I wanted to take a crack at it. Ask Solandia to let me. Sit there like an idiot for 48 hours going "duh". Decide to open up a new file in Bryce and see what happens. Grab a "world" from some previous work and twitch it until I liked it. Stare at the screen for half an hour or so. Decide that some kind of "hands around the world" theme might be nice. Go grab hands from Poser. Realise that the articulation doesn't work for what I was thinking about. Replicate and end up with a pentagram. Grab a texture more or less at random for the top hand and realise it could be an earth metaphor. Decide that putting the five elements in might be interesting. Fiddle until it liked me. Take the whole thing into PhotoShop and spend another hour playing with the borders and text, because after all, it's so *black* without SOMETHING more. Sometimes I think the main part of the "artistic method" is knowing when to quit, and so I have.

Artist's Bio

My degree is in mechanical engineering, my background in just about everything including horse training, psychology, sales analysis, programming, and web design and my hobbies range from the medieval through science fiction - eclectic enough? Oh, yes, and I've been reading the Tarot since about 1973 (minor detail!).

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