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Knight of Pentacles
by Astra

Symbolism & Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


The original base for this card was a scanned image from the Hoi Polloi deck, one of the many Rider-Waite variants, and now, I believe, out of print. All that remains of the original is the head of the knight, and the outline of the armour. The horse is my own conception - if he looks more like a draft pony than a knight's charger, well, so be it.

Symbolism & Meaning

Except for the "lightning from a clear sky", which I see as one of the metaphors for the magical side and thus for pentacles, and the eclectic touch in the foreground, this is actually a fairly straight graphical reinterpretation of the original card. "The Knight of Pentacles stands foursquare" was enough, when I originally heard it, to start thinking of pentacles in terms of Masonry, and to really, really want to put in references to "on the square and on the level", and I've slapped myself down rather well, I think. So the only real difference is that the knight, with his ever-so-conductive armour, stands as a lightning rod, and will tend to be in the thick of the action without ever having to do more than appear in the situation. In fact, he may be the person responsible for causing potential to coalesce.

Artistic Media

The lightning, the texture patterns, and the array of eclectic icons were done with Kai's Power Tools, the Pentacle with CorelDraw, the mountains with Bryce, and the rest with Adobe PhotoShop.

Artist's Bio

My degree is in mechanical engineering, my background in just about everything including horse training, psychology, sales analysis, programming, and web design and my hobbies range from the medieval through science fiction - eclectic enough? Oh, yes, and I've been reading the Tarot since about 1973 (minor detail!).

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