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Page of Cups
by Aerin

Meaning & Symbolism
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


We are with her in her dreamscape. Her eyes are closed yet her third eye scans her inner world, looking for inspiration from her unconscious mind. Strange objects float past in what seems to be watery surroundings: even as you try and focus and define these objects the ripples this effort causes begin to change what you see. Only she can ever know what these things represent as she waits patiently and calmly for her creativity to assert itself, while remaining in touch with her innermost feelings and impressions. She trusts herself to know when it is time to bring her inspiration back into her waking world: for now, she stays where she is.

Meaning & Symbolism

I wanted to show the page in a dreamlike state, taking far more notice of her inner thoughts and feelings than the outside world. I see her as highly intuitive and often in need of another to point out the more practical and logical aspects of life. She brings joy, love and playfulness to everyone that knows her, even if she sometimes seems to be miles away mentally. Her inner life is very rich indeed: I portrayed her third eye as open while her physical eyes are closed. Her mouth is smiling to show how content she is: she has neither nose nor ears to show her complete absorption in her own world and disregard for outside stimuli. The objects floating around her represent her dream world: perhaps the fish are messengers that will bring her the inspiration she awaits. Sometimes by attempting to make sense of our inner world too soon, we can inhibit our natural creativity (the ripples look as if they may destroy the picture that is beginning to form). The Page knows how to make best use of her unconscious mind, and that she needs to be patient if she is to make best use of her intuition.

Artistic Media

The card is sketched using pastels on green A4 card and scanned in. I used PhotoImpact to create the light emanating from the Page's third eye, and also to darken the edges of the card: I see the dreamscape as extending out to an infinitely large extent on either side. The border and text are computer generated..

Artist's Bio

I have lived in the UK all my life, and am married to a wonderful man who watches my Tarot study with some amusement and a lot of patience (especially when the latest deck arrives). My day job is life coaching and also training - I have a particular interest in creative problem solving and use Tarot in problem solving for myself. One of the issues that I have found a lot of adult problem solvers face is to start communicating with their inner Page, to allow their intuition, creativity and emotional responses full reign before they start applying conscious mind logic and criticism. I am about to train as a teacher of young children - I'm looking forward to meeting some Pages who haven't started to suppress their unconscious minds.

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