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Page of Wands
by Firemaiden

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


I identify with Crowley’s princess, the "earthy part of fire", since I am supposedly a Virgo with moon in Leo. His wild Jezabel catching her tiger by the tail is my alter-ego wannabe! But the first sketch became a tiger-striped cello, bearing roses as breasts, and a scroll-crowned head of woman. Grotesque. Do a Tigress instead. Does a Tiger have orange stripes? Or Black? Is it white with orange stripes? Orange with white stripes? How ‘bout a black panther with luminescent eyes. Have you ever tried to draw a tiger? My Pantheress mutated into 20 foiled attempts at a Pornographic Rose with wrapped and curling petals, giving birth to a bright spirit with yellow hair, holding an orange rose in her outstretched left hand, with 12 drops like the Marseilles sun card, and holding back her hair to see with her right. The deadline approached! Still not quite right, I salvaged my favorite rose spirit and scrapped the background. I wanted a meaningful backdrop – a Volcano! A Hundred googled volcanoes later, a photograph of Arenal stared back from the computer screen: a black mountain spewing lava, swirling patterns of smoke and clouds in a bright blue night. I blinked; it was a woman swooning in theatrical anguish.

It is a happy accident that this image born of scrying in smoke, is the negative and reversal of my failed rose, in pose, in colors, in gestures. One was clearing her eyes of hair to see, the Arenal woman is covering her face in anguish, to avoid seeing, and avoid being seen, the rose spirit was emerging naked and white from unfolding dress of petals, Arenal is imprisoned black in her tight-waisted dress of mountain and bodice of lava.

In another fortuitous coincidence, I happened to come upon a Sculptor and Painter, at the Turkish copy shop, the unofficial spiritual center of Tempelhof – he was impressed with my Arenal, found her powerfully erotic. He encouraged me to leave off the rose, who was not of the same simple power, in another register all together. And so here you have, after at least 30 different attempts, and so many different concepts, my final, simple Page of Wands.

The Volcano Goddess glows in the night, covering her eyes in anguish.


Volcano: explosive, raw life force, divine retribution, entrance to the Underworld.

Card Meaning

- an indomitable free spirit with creative, open mind, and volcanic sexuality; enthusiasm, courage, optimism, ambition, excitement and adventure;

- The shadow side may be ferocious, violent, blind to the needs of others, false, theatrical, vengeful, or intolerant.

- Powerful messages from the subconscious are on their way, or perhaps an explosion of bottled up emotions.

- Linguistic constructs: "burning questions", "blazing intelligence", "volcanic passion", and “bursts of enthusiasm “,” smouldering sensuality “,” searing intensity, flaming queen

Artistic Media

Water-color pencil, water-soluble colored pencil, student-type water-color inspired by an uncredited photograph of a the Arenal volcano in Costa Rica.

Artist's Bio

Firemaiden, 42 is an aspiring opera singer and lives in Berlin.

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