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Two of Wands
by Majecot

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
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It is the end of the day, the road long. Two lone trees stand at the top of a small hill, an unseen path between them beckons. A fiery sunset on the horizon... Beyond those trees are unknown possibilities. You cannot see what is over the horizon, so you must trust in your instincts to make the right choice.


Typically the Two of Wands is depicted by a well dressed man, sometimes standing by a wall; globe in hand, his other hand on the staff. I wanted something a little different for this card.

The living trees symbolize potential growth, be it material or spiritual. The road up the hill, the path of success you're on. To me the sunset speaks of a spiritual nature. The glow in the sky, the fire suit of wands.

Card Meaning

The Twos not only speak of duality, but also of instinctual knowledge. You have accomplished much, now a choice is required. Will you continue on the same path, or veer off in another direction and enter into an unknown field.

A change in lifestyle or perhaps a change in a relationship is imminent. Perhaps something unexpected is about to occur. Using your intuition is important in how you handle an unforeseen situation.

Twos speak also of originality, boldness, personal power, commanding attention and respect from others. Wands meaning energy and creativity and passion, could also point to creativity of nature. Focused energy is needed to progress in a forward motion, to not be distracted.

A reversal of this card can indicate indecisiveness or perhaps a stale mate. Possibly change being in the future and not an immediate situation. A stagnant lifestyle holds you back. Success being possible but more time is needed.

Artistic Media

Digital photography enhanced and manipulated in Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Artist's Bio

Majecot has been studying the Tarot for about eight years, after having been introduced to it by her best friend. She has a small collection of tarot decks and has had an ongoing love affair with stones and crystals since she was a small child. Her other hobbies include a variety of domestic arts (cooking not being one). Majecot lives in the Midwest United States and works in Public Safety. Go back to the project index, read the traditional card meaning, or get a free automated reading.

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