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Three of Pentacles
by Chronata

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


An image within a stained glass window that resembles those found in old churches, shows three figures standing beneath three pentacles in what looks to be a rectory. On the left, is a stone carver, who is both a craftsman and an artisan. On the right is a scholar, who is also a planner and possibly even an architect. In the center is an angel, who holds in her hands a blueprint for the project at hand, which will take all three of them working together to complete.


The three figures stand for the three parts of ourselves...the Stone Mason represents the Body, the Scholar, the Mind, and the Angel represents the Soul or Spirit. The three figures work on an important project in the confines of a church, which denotes an institution or tradition that has long lasting connotations. The Angel is the spiritual guide, and holds the map...or key to the project, while the Scholar utilizes wisdom and knowledge to plan the direction, and the Artist uses his hands and skill to bring the ideas into a tangible working form.

The fact that this scene is rendered as a stained glass window pane suggests that the figures themselves are already part of an important and artistic in which they may not be even truly aware of.

Card Meaning

Industry, hard work and talent pays off. Working on some sort of project which utilizes all the aspects of oneself (Mind, Body, Spirit). A project or idea that has greater significance than one realizes. Using creativity to discover what one should be doing with their life. A project done with careful planning and joy that has the potential to touch lives and leave a lasting impression.

Artistic Media

Glass stains and enamel on glass.

Artist's Bio

Chronata is an artist who is in the long process of designing and painting her own tarot deck, known currently as the Tarot of The Midnight Masquerade. Her greatest hope is that this project will encompass everything that the Three of Pentacles stands for. Go back to the project index, read the traditional card meaning, or get a free automated reading.

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