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Four of Pentacles
by The 78th Fool

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


We are in a Gymnasium and the walls show a regular pattern of square black tiles. The figure of a strong man with solid, rippling muscles can be seen between four pentacles, joined by metal bars and resembling dumb-bell weights.


Four is the number of strength and stability, here coupled with earth, the most stable of the elements. A gymnasium is a place for the cultivation of strength. The repeating square pattern of the tiles on the walls further symbolises this solidity. Everything here is foursquare, hence the arrangement of the pentacles . The bodybuilder has unshakeable strength and the dumb-bells, fused together by four metal bars are similarly unshakeable.

Card Meaning

This is called ‘Power’ in the Thoth deck. The Cosmic Tribe shows an Atlas figure bearing the weight of a world on his shoulders. I suppose the latter was my inspiration here. This is all about material strength and stability. If carbon atoms join together in repeating patterns of six, they form graphite which is a soft substance. If however, they join together in repeating patterns of four, they form diamond the hardest substance known to man. It’s about power in any material form: it can be the strength of your body, the strength of your fortress, or the power of your bank balance. In whatever manner the material realm brings you security and stability, this is it.

Artistic Media

The muscle man is a painting I created several years ago (acrylic on canvas). The tile background comes from a copyright free source photo. The image was put together in Adobe Photoshop.

Artist's Bio

The 78th Fool fell in love with Fergus Hall’s Tarot of the Witches at the age of thirteen. After buying this, a Swiss 1jj and Rider Tarot he knew that he wanted to design his own deck. He finally got around to it twenty four years later better late than never!! He’s the creator of the Butler Tarot, is a freelance artist and He lives and works in London, England. Go back to the project index, read the traditional card meaning, or get a free automated reading.

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