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Five of Swords

Card Meaning
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A man is thinking of his fight between his two instincts to protect or to destroy. The one on the left represents his higher self who is just defending, and the man on the right looking more caveman is his lowerself desires such as to look after himself first. The hieorphant and the devil have both beeen defeated and they have dropped their instruments of limiting power, as the rocks from the tower fall in the background. As you can see in the background, "peace makes defeat". An omnious message.


The swords are all red, meaning they are bloody from previous battles. However they represent at the deeper level all fights come from the necessary or perceived necessary means of survival. The blue around the top swordsman in whose mind this is all taking place is surrounded by the aura of blue representing his time of peace. The yellow around the two equal caveman represents their will and mind meeting each other due to the base desires. The black cord between them shows that they were once friends or perhaps brothers or caveman lovers. However their own needs has poisoned the cord of all light and is dark.

The darkness around the heirophant isn't dark, but is pure unmanifested thought from which the source manifests from. He has dropped his symbol of power meaning he has given up his religion and now takes up the sword -but what to do with it, he ponders. He is dressed in green representing emotion and his emotion is dark hence the dark green.

The devil is surrounded by red, the source manifested as passion, yet he too has given up his symbol of fear for the emotional sword he has in his attempt to right his wrongs yet for his own negative reasons.

The tower is falling as it is connected to the man's mind on top of the card. And who is this man? Temperance manifested within this man He has become peace upon earth and that brings us to the title of this card. Peace makes defeath. Lon Milo was sharing in his book on the the Thoth how the peacemakers always get defeated. So it would seem, but true peace defeats all strife is the message of this card.

Numerologically speaking five of swords is the hierophant manfiested in the mental world, hence the man is following the traditions of steel and war. Yet he is connected to Temperance by the attempt to balance out the wrongs of the world by his wars. The devil by his relishing of the battle and the tower for wars is changing his love of battle to hatred of it, which will bring him to put down his sword . His sword is point down for he is tired, and though he hasn't given it up yet, he will no longer seek war.

Card Meaning

When this card comes up, look within yourself to see where the true battle is. Within yourself or without yourself, why is your brother fighting your father? Why is your neighbor fighting your neighbor? Is it because one is right? Or because they can't find a peaceful situation for they want everything?

Reversed, it is a message that you are not attempting to defeat war to make peace, but to make chaos by causing others to fight. Like the hierophant to give up his beliefs from practice by saying they don't matter, or the devil from enjoying his passions by saying take it all, to feel guility for it is evil, or to stop the tower from falling by saying we must save it and make the glorious empire stay for a thousand years.

Artistic Media

Water colour crayons primarly, water colour paints, and a hint of water colour pencil crayons.

Artist's Bio

HOLMES is a tarot reader, channel, reiki master, and studying numerology and astrology. Go back to the project index, read the traditional card meaning, or get a free automated reading.

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