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Knight of Pentacles
by Cerulean

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
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Deep in the mountains
Striding through red, fallen leaves
Stag calls for his mate.

And hearing its plaintive cry--
stricken, by autumn sadness.

This is the fifth poem in tanka format of the Hyakunin Isshu or Hundred Poem series game. Cards of a hundred classic tanka verses are matched to various poets. I matched this poem together with my meanings for the Knight of Pentacles.


The Knight of Pentacles in this design was originally a color collage of sunset, earth and forest colors. The switch to black and white is so that your imagination could color the settings to how you wished. His ideal setting was evergreen backdrops, golden sun, rosy sunsets and stretches of golden clearings and fields. His aspect of fire and earthy strength came across to me in different ways in a Thoth design next to a sturdy Shire horse or a BOTA prancing steed or the still, dark horse in the Rider Waite. I choose to have him surveying a forest scene while hearing the call of the stag in the wilderness. The pine trees, deer silhouette and feminine presence in the foreground reminded me that even in earthy settings and strength, we were also subject to the dreamlike, tender nature of the earth.

Card Meaning

In the highest aspects, the Knight of Pentacles makes earthbound goals come into being with consistent, steady application. If this knight was striding through leaves, walking and searching for his heart's yearning as the stag would called for his mate, then the knight is in an essential stage of a romantic quest. He may not be striking at first glance, but his determination and heart's calling might touch one's heart over time.

In a reversal, the yearning and despair of the stag's call can be heard, but the knight's activity is stilled, as if the knight was heartbroken and in

Artistic Media

The mixed media collage was a background of textured papers, ink and watercolor washes and small 'romanji' lettering of the Japanese poem on the knight's armor and gear. This final version was a black and white diffusion of my final black and white scan of the color version. I preferred the dreamlike result. A small thread of red was added to recall the autumn leaves.

Artist's Bio

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