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Knight of Swords
by WolfyJames

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


I've tried to make the knight as androgenous as possible, so that the gender is a bit confusing, it can be a young man, like it can be a young Joan of Arc. The knight has butterfly wings and sits on a flying dragonfly. The knight wears a light armour and garnet red cloths. In his/her right hands, he/she holds a blue sword. I was inspired by the Knight of Swords in the Gothic Tarot by Vargo: he wears red, which makes him look noble, and his face is grave. I wanted to put these in this knight, he/she is grave, yet not sad. We can see that the knight is high above in the air, and houses can be seen below.


As mentioned before, the red cloth is there to show the knight's nobility. The blue sword and wings are there to accentuate the air/intellect aspect in this card. The knight is high in the air, distancing himself/herself from the world (people, situations, etc.), which shows many intellect qualities, like the power of analysis, ethics, organisation, communication, thoughts. This capacity of distancing himself/herself though can also bring an intellect that is completely detached from the real world, it can give a cold person who only lives with statistics and numbers, or a person lost in daydreams.

The knight seems driven, but the air is usually motion, change, so he has to be careful about the cloud in the sky, that might bring some strong winds against him/her. The Knight of Swords is air in air (Swords=air and Knight=air), hence the wings the knight bears and the dragonfly he/she rides. The volatile nature of the air is represented by the butterfly wings, while the powerful and fast dragonfly represents the position of the knight

He/she holds the sword in his/her right hand, the hand of action.

Card Meaning

The card can represent the querent or another person, it can also represent qualities the querent should have, or shouldn't have. Usually, the Knight is young, but not always (inner youth). The Knight hasn't reached yet his parents' maturity (Queen of Swords and King of Swords). He's passionate about his ideals, and can throws himself in many projects, but because of his immaturity, it will be difficult for him to finish what he starts. He's very talkative and can start, or finish, many arguments. He's too honest for his own good. He also believes he's always right, which can make him arrogant and annoying. Being an intellectual person, this Knight is also a cold person, but it gives him objectivity and a clear view of what is going on. Many times, people will need his logic, his semse of analysis, and his lucidity to resolve problems.

This card can also mean arguments, exchange of ideas. Be careful that the situation doesn't turn into a war.

Artistic Media

I drew the card first with a pencil on a large white pager. I then used markers to color the lines I drew with the pencil. I looked everywhere for my colored pencils to fill in the lines, but I couldn't find them anywhere. I was lucky enough to discover I still had my Crayola pens, so I used them to color the drawing.

Artist's Bio

The artist was born in Canada. She spent her childhood reading too many books, daydreaming too much, argumenting too often, and beating up others a few times. (A typical Knight of Swords.) Being a francophone, she studied French Literature in College, in hope to be a writer. As a typical Knight of Swords, she has started many novels and has never finished any of them, except for the short stories and the poems. As time passes by, she tries and hopes to acquire the King of Swords' wisdom, diplomacy, high-achiever, and constancy qualities. In the meantime, she enjoys reading books, toying with her computer and stuff related to computers, studying and reading tarot, playing videogames, and driving her cat wild and making him purr by patting his belly. Go back to the project index, read the traditional card meaning, or get a free tarot reading with this deck.

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