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by Chronata

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
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Threading your way through the darkness of catacombs, you come upon a gateway made of bones and skulls. Through this doorway, you can see a bridge, and a road that winds its way to infinity.

A ghostly child-like apparition greets you and smiles as she releases a dove. A light in the sky beyond appears welcoming.


The Thirteenth Trump, the card associated with Death, is here rendered with symbols of both outward death, and inward rebirth. The bones and skulls are made into a doorway, like those of the monks in catacombs of old Europe. Although there are these potent symbols of death and decay of the body, the image through the door shows that the end of the flesh is not the end of everything. The road across the bridge symbolizes that after something has ended, there is still a path to continue, and the light in the sky is there to guide you towards a new goal and purpose.The ghostly child and the dove are symbols of rebirth, innocence and new freedom.

To cross over from the darkness of grief and endings, and into the light of new beginnings, is to come to terms with the fear of change.

Card Meaning

Death of an old way of thinking, or living, and the chance for something new. An inevitable ending that cannot be controlled. New chance for growth opportunities after loss. A conclusion, whether it is wanted or not.

Artistic Media

A mixed media piece that includes glass etching, polymer clay sculpture, and photography.

Artist's Bio

Chronata is one of Those People.
She displays uncommon sense, and no sense of Temperance.
She creates for a living, but doesn’t quite make a living from it.
Chronata likes puppets, time travel movies and playing dress-up.
She doesn’t much like the color orange.
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