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The idea would have came from the devil tempting Jesus in the desert, but I was thinking of a more modern image. Then the idea came from a Touched By An Angel episode, where Monica was disenchanted with the humans' right for free will and she left the presence of the creator. The devil offered to comfort her, and told her to just find a high place and fall and I will be there to catch you. He sang a song to enchant her as she climbed up the mountain but in the end she didn't leap for she called upon the presence of the Source and realized it.

The devil is calling to the angel to come, I will comfort you in your time of need. Alas in truth, the devil is asking help me. The angel is sad and frightened, she wants to help, yet she is afraid. The tail of the devil is surrounding a globe with a bull and a ram in it. and a globe with two lovers fighting on their married night over what to cook. The stick sticking out of wall is a reversed cross. The wands, pentacles, and sword is all broken, and the cup is reversed onto the lovers.The eye looks upon everything, The world is the ruler and the ruled.

The angel is praying for all concerned.


The devil is all red associating him with the root center. The blackness around him to some would symbolize evil but it is pure potential, the area to be filled by the light. His foot is cloven, as to go with the stereotype of the devil. The devil is reaching out to the angel saying, I will help you, but in truth is asking, Help me. For in truth the devil is Lucifer, trying to make us stronger by tempting us, and challenging us, while the angel is sad, worried, and afraid. You notice the ledge is the ledge of the fool? The angel if she fell would be the fool.

The devil has, through numerology and astrology associations, a connection with Aries the ram (Emperor), Taurus the bull (Hierophant), Gemini (The Lovers), and Saturn which rules it (The World). The eye in the night is the psychic eye, we see illusions, we see addictions: the devil reminds us that this is what we wish to see and could see differently.

The hierophant and the Emperor are grazing together, having resorted to their basest instincts. The lovers are fighting out of a testing of their love. The world card has the Saturn glyph upon it. and the Capricorn is surrounded by its colour - and that is the sign most associated with the devil. That sign is the one that will most likely deal with its tests, and was the sign of the Judas i would think.

The broken elements are symbolic of the broken levels of men, by the ego, and notice the overturned cup is what has influenced the lovers to fight each other. The aura of hell goes up from red/dark red to lighter shades of orange and yellow mixed symbolizing that we go up in levels and grow as such.

Now to the thing sticking out of the wall, that is the reversed cross, which isn't upside-down but instead it goes side ways symbolizing that the devil cross deals with emotions and mind, leaving the body and the spirit to wither.

Card Meaning

We could be the devil asking for help, we could be the angel about to take the fall, the world is influence by the ego, and the world has caused the ego, and the answer lies in the eye.

What we seek we shall find, if we seek destruction we shall find it. If we seek the devil we shall find it. but if we seek the angels help, we shall find that as well. The answer lies in the cliff of neutrality. and that answer is to be, grounded and not yet ready to make assumptions until we look at all the areas of life.

The ego does care, but the ego way isn't the way to go. And so, abstain from the ego and embrace the light is the message.

Artistic Media

Watercolour pencil crayon twice, watercolour crayons, and then watercolour paints.

Artist's Bio

HOLMES is a tarot reader, channels and knows reiki :) Go back to the project index, read the traditional card meaning, or get a free automated reading.

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