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by lunalafey

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
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This is a 'living' card. The essence of the Fool is reflected in this image of a real life experience. The experience of the Fool you see in the driver's seat. Every individual image represents part of this nomad's path and experiences. The Fool card contains a lot of personalized images that also can relate to the lives of many others, either in reality or figuatively.

Here we see a nomad traveling with his canine companion. They are carefree and have no worries. They follow a road of an unknown destination, not caring where they end up. They trust in fate to take them to where they need to be.

They find themselves in a new land looking at a new adventure. They are seeing things and doing things they have never done before and enjoying every minute of it. The Fool represents travels, trusting in the divine, having no worries and no real plans, just living every day, day by day. Being spontanious, and knowing that no matter what happens, that it will all be ok. Trusting in the purpose of every experience. Breaking free from responsibilities to society and structure. This is the ulimate in innocence, freedom, & trust.

It's hard to see, but there is a six-pointed star of the merkaba (chariot) in the back window and a bumper sticker that says "Jah works in mysterious ways". The licence that is from the "state of confusion" and personalized to say "NO 1 NOS" a testimony to the Faith of the Fool.


This card is similar to the Rider-Waite style image, with its Fool and his Dog looking out for him. Where there is a cliff that abruptly ends - there is a road that dissapears into the future. There is a sign that says Fool's Way and the Fool follows the signs. The Fool and his companion do not really look at the direction that they are going in, for they just trust the road they are on.

For the traditional fool, he had a sack on a stick to transport his belongings. This nomad has a Volkwagen - a 'transporter' to be exact. As the fool represents a person who might be on a path that is not of the norm, those people who are known to travel in these little buses are a fancy-free bunch. This represents a state of mind and a state of being. One shared by many. Even for a lone traveler, they are not alone in their decision to roam free. They love the freedom of the open road and where it can take you. The highway has no limits - where do you want to go now?

Card Meaning

This Fool is definitely one of folly. Throughout his life, it seemed that every step he took was a wrong turn. He would even set himself up for a fall, either knowingly or unknowingly.

Then one day Fate stepped in. His mother said some astounding things that were a revelation - for the both of them - in his freedom from her. Her words set the wheels in motion. Along came a fellow nomad who said - "Wanna take a road trip?" The fool responded with "Why not, I've got nothing else to lose and there is nothing for me here."With a specifc destination as the goal, he leaves on a new adventure to unknown places.

Through his travels, he sees signs. "Burger joint". "I'm gonna work there some day", he thinks... but why? He is miles from his destination. They travel on, there is another sign. "Why does that town's name seem so familiar?", thinks the Fool. He does not discard these thoughts. The travelers make it to their destination and the poor Fool only ends up chasing his tail. He does not feel right in this place. So he returns to the town with the 'burger joint' by some twist of fate. And finds that job he had envisioned weeks before.

Artistic Media

The medium I used was something totally new to me. I used images of pictures I had taken on my digital camera. Some where just pictures I took, a few where specific for this card. But most are just random images taken while practicing with the camera. As Fate would have it, those practice pictures ended up being very useful in this card.

Getting a new computer also made the pictures accessible to me. I transferred the photos to the Paintbrush program and started cutting and pasting and morphing the pictures into one Foolish image.

Artist's Bio

Lunalafey's claim to fame is being born on the very last day of the year and being the last baby born in the county. Her astrological chart is over run with Capricorn and Virgo. This might explain her deep love for Mother Earth and all her inhabitants large and small. Lunalafey's earthly influences possess her to collect rocks, driftwood, feathers and such. She is always pulling a handful of rocks out of her pocket. Camping, or sleeping out doors in general, is also a hobby, as well as playing with her plants and garden.

Lunalafey recieved her first tarot deck, the Native American Tarot in 1992. Her second deck, Legend: The Arthurian, presented itself to her in 1998. She discovered Aeclectic Tarot in September of 2002. With this discovery her abilities as a reader have expanded to levels never before considered. She thanks all the people of AT and especially Solandia for this wonderful site. Go back to the project index, read the traditional card meaning, or get a free automated reading.

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