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by Gerbear

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
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The Hermit, an old man with the wisdom of the ages, finds himself in a featureless plain. His wisdom and experience have brought him to this point, but now he must rely on the light he carries, and the light of his inner being to find his way. There appear to be steps ahead of him, but the perspective doesn't make it clear whether the steps lead upwards or down. A precipice seems to be on left, with an unfathomable drop. The Hermit's globe of light and the light from his heart are the only illumination available to navigate the unknown. With his staff to steady him, and also serve as a connection to the firm ground, he prepares to advance, one step at a time.


The predominant color is gray. Situated between black and white, it stands for neutrality, achieved wisdom, unification, and the balance of opposites. A staff represents support for a journey, but is also related to the magic wands of the mages. It is an emblem of high ability and spiritual clarity. Steps, or stairs, represent the path between different levels.

Card Meaning

The neutral grays of the Hermit's surroundings implies that there are no correct paths to be followed. By holding up his light, he differentiates between light and dark. His accumulated wisdom will advise him to take the steps needed to attain his goal. The steps in the card can be seen as going up or down, indicating that his path may take him to one of several levels of existence before his journey ends. His globe of light reflects off the darkness and gives him space to operate and choose. This light is held at the level of the heart chakra, which mediates between body and spirit. The energy of the chakra allows him to accept his place in the divine plan. The golden glow of his heart's light reflects off the darkness as well, creating perspective, while illuminating the mysteries of the spirit. As the hermit steadies himself with his staff, he grounds himself with the acquired knowledge of his life. In all, he is ready to continue this phase of his journey.

Artistic Media

This is an original work of art, done entirely in Corel Photo-Paint7.

Artist's Bio

I'm a hermit, living alone among the teeming millions in Southern California. My collection of tarot decks is aiming for 500, while I work on my own deck. I've jumped out of planes and explored caves. Once, I was part of the space program, now I'm in a different space. Basically, I'm just another body in the matrix. That's all folks! Go back to the project index, read the traditional card meaning, or get a free tarot reading with this deck.

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