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by Nevada

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
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A winged figure wearing an ostrich feather on her head, against a multi-hued background. The figure holds a sword in one hand and a balance in the other. A heart and a feather are weighed In the balance. The sun lights the upper half of the card, while the moon's reflective glow lights the lower.


Night and day, dark and light: contrasts and balance found in all areas of life.

Ostrich plume, heart and feather: standards upheld by the Egyptian goddess Maat, a way of living that provides for a light heart at the end of one's life journey.

Scales: the extremes that we go through in order to achieve balance in any area of life, as well as the balance thereby achieved.

Sword: air, reason, logic, questioning, cutting through illusions, communication.

Background: the chaos out of which Justice creates order, balance and peace.

Card Meaning

I believe meanings of cards are subjective and vary from reading to reading. The following keywords and phrases suggest possible meanings, to aid in jumping the gap that sometimes occurs between the intuition and the mind's ability to attach the appropriate words.

Karma, cause and effect. Negotiation, mediation, compromise, diplomacy, peacemaking. Objectivity, communication, research. Agreements, contracts. Financial or material balance, accounts or debts, payment of loans. Fairness, relationships, reaping what one sows, seeing all viewpoints, careful weighing, digging for facts, curiosity, study. Art, writing, judicious balance of elements, perspective. The critique process. Beauty, symmetry, balance, harmony.

Thought, clarity, beliefs, words, discernment. Personal accountability. Tradeoffs between parts of one's life or within individual personal states such as health, happiness, weight, diet, faith, reasoning, work, play. Adjustment, return to center. Value assessment, prioritization.

Laws followed blindly. Lawsuits, restitution. Conflict, bigotry, bias. Indecision, vacillation, foggy reasoning, prejudice.

Artistic Media

Scanned hand drawings and digital photography, edited using Paint Shop Pro.

Artist's Bio

Barbara W. Klaser is a fiction writer. She's studied tarot since the late 1980s. Go back to the project index, read the traditional card meaning, or get a free tarot reading with this deck.

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