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Wheel of Fortune
by Dead Star

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


In this card, a person sits behind the wheel of a car that is moving towards two diverging roads. One road leads to a place of daylight—the other, to a place of twilight. The surrounding earth is lined with grass and trees. The person must choose which path they will follow.


The steering wheel on the car represents the Wheel of Fortune — the catalyst for movement, growth and change. The vehicle itself represents life — taking us forward, but giving us control over where we go. The windshield represents the way in which we see the world and the future — slightly blurry, but full of promise. The two roads represent the choices in life and the decisions we make that decide our fate or fortune.

The daylight and twilight, as well as the yin yang, represent duality: both opposites and paradoxes, yet each complimenting the other and symbolizing a universal karmic balance. They also represent the circle of life, and its natural cycles. The coniferous trees dividing each road symbolize growth and change, as well as strength and perseverance. The key in the ignition with its question mark key chain represents the conscious unknown — not knowing where one’s actions will take them, but acting out of necessity just the same.

Card Meaning

To me, this card means forward movement, luck, and change. We are always moving forward into the future — it can’t be slowed or stopped, and nothing can stand in its way. When we have a difficult choice to make, we sometimes stop or stall (no pun intended) hoping that we can avoid it. But the past is over and we can’t go back, so sooner or later that choice will have to be made, before someone else pushes us forward and makes the decision for us. This person must move forward, but they are in control of their own fate. The choices they make will determine which path they travel, but not where the road will lead. They will go into the unknown, but the decision is theirs.

No matter how little is known about the consequences of our actions, they must be decided based on what is in our heads and in our hearts. It is a matter of luck from that point on whether the decision we make will be good or bad for us. Either way, we must learn life’s lessons and roll with the punches, so that we can continue to move forward, learn, grow, and change. In this way and only this way can we take control of our own lives and steer them in the direction we know we want them to go.

Artistic Media

This image was hand-drawn in pencil from my own imagination. It was done within a 7.75cm x 12.5cm border that was printed on standard computer paper. The finished product was coloured with pencil crayons.

Artist's Bio

I am an 18-year-old eclectic Pagan with a great passion for tarot and all things metaphysical. I’ve been studying tarot for about three years now, and currently own ten decks—though my wish list is a mile long. I am an aspiring fiction, non-fiction and poetry writer, and will begin pursuing a degree in Creative Writing at the University of Idaho this fall. My other interests include music, web design, pets (especially rabbits), my significant other, and living life to its fullest. Go back to the project index, read the traditional card meaning, or get a free automated reading.

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