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Ace of Coins

by Keigh

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


A single coin with pentacle markings is growing from the center of a magic tree. The tree dominates the card and is covered with symbols ­ the spiral and the sun. Though primarily clothed in leaves of green, gold, red, and orange leaves show the beginnings of the tree’s transformation from season to season. Flame colored leaves fall to the ground.

A small den or hollow is present in the base of the tree while roots are strong and deeply planted. A few sprigs of grass are beginning to show around the tree’s roots and a white-puffed dandelion has begun to cast its seeds to the wind. Behind the tree are distant hills and the herald of a new day shows in the rising sun. The colors of the card, with the are of earth and growing things, with varying shades of green, brown, red, orange, and gold.


The symbolism in this card is multi-leveled, from the spiral and sun motifs that represent life to the newly risen sun that speaks of the promise of a new day. The falling leaves are colored flames, holding within them the promise of spiritual strength ­ they are a gift ­ a promise of warmth, of passion, of fire. The seed-head of the dandelion holds again the promise of life ­ for from the seed will come a new plant that will again produce seeds to begin the cycle anew. The pentacle coin is both a gift and a promise ­ of prosperity and protection. Like the hollow den and the deep roots, security can be found here.

Card Meaning

The Ace of Coins in a reading promises new beginnings in the physical world. Material success is implied by the coin that grows, large and golden, within this magic tree. Security and a sense of safety are also beginning to blossom here. Though the small den in the tree may be rudimentary, it is still a safe haven that will offer shelter from sun or rain and a safe place to sleep when darkness falls.

The deeply planted roots represent the deep and abiding connection to the earth and provide the promise of stability that is the realm of the coins suit. Life, green and growing, is just beginning, from newly sprouted grass to the seeds that blow on the wind carrying within them the promise of life and renewal. In a reading, the Ace of Coins indicates the beginnings of prosperity, health restored, and a cozily secure, if unimposing home. While the imagery is somewhat barren, there is promise of abundance ­ as the Ace, like a seed, carries within it the full promise of its suit.

Artistic Media

This card was created with artist quality Acrylic paints on canvas.

Artist's Bio

Keigh has always had a great love of art and nature. With no formal artistic training, she does not consider herself an accomplished artist by any means, but is instead a dabbler who paints because she needs to, not because she can. She likes to think of her painting process as organic since she paints without preliminary plans or sketches. Painting is a form of therapy for Keigh, allowing her to communicate without words those things she finds most important.

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