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Two of Swords

by Lillie

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


Two swords, crossed, have been thrust point down into the grass of a green meadow. A blue flower has grown over and around them, binding them together with it's viney stem. A white dove flies in the blue sky and mountains rise on the horizon.


In the system that underlies the tarot the suit of swords is usually related to the element of air, denoting the active process of the intellect. The number two is the first even number, symbolic of duality. The singularity of one is no longer alone. Two is the ying and the yang, the male and the female, the sacred marriage whoes product is the three.

Qabbalistically the two relates to Chokmah, the second sphere on the tree of life, and in this context the twos can be seen as the first true manifestation of each element. In the suit of swords this first manifestation is peace. The mind is at rest, ready to act when action becomes necessary, poised in an infinite momment of calm.

The crossed swords thrust upright into the grass, perfectly balanced in their symmetry, symbolise the idea of peace, of balance and of harmony. The men or women that might wield these swords appear to have forsaken them, leaving them standing for so long that a blue flower has grown over them, binding them together. The war is over, or it has not yet begun, peace has been made and hostilities have been averted, for the present at least.

The blue flower is a lesser periwinkle, a plant whoes medicinal properties include lowering blood pressure and staunching bleeding. Both of these properties tie into the idea of peace, as does the white dove that flies above them in the calm sky. Yet at any time the swords may be drawn free of the ground, the plant cut back by the withdrawing blades. The swords have not been abandoned, they have been left in readiness. The mind, assaulted by thoughts is rarely and briefly at peace.

The crossed position of the swords also creates the impression of a barrier, as do the mountains in the distance. This indicates that the mind can be imprisoned by it's thoughts, unable to move either forward or back. It is constrained until, achieving that momment of perfect peace and clarity, can soar as free as the bird in the sky.

Card Meaning

Peace, balance and harmony. Clarity of thought and of mind. That momment of perfect stillness when all becomes clear. The calm before the storm. Friendship between enemies.

Artistic Media

Black felt pens on paper, coloured with pencil crayons. Digitally photographed, resized and titled on a computer.

Artist's Bio

Lillie enjoys making things, She is currently creating a major arcana deck pyrographed onto wood.

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