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Three of Cups

by WalesWoman

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


Three golden goblets form a pyramid, with five streams of water flowing from the top cup into the two cups below it. A ring with all the colors of the spectrum form around the cups and fades to a pale rose.


   The top goblet represents the Ace of Cups overflowing the five senses, filling and fulfilling the two cups below, flowing upward as well, to replenish the cup on top.  The prismatic ring is the eternal circle of light, the full spectrum of emotion, that ties these all together and is ever constant, unbroken and infinite.

Gold, for the goblets is the purity of earth, the value and dearness of the precious metal and the physical heart.  Gold for the Sun, of passion and fire, that brings the light and refracts it through water to create the prism of colors in their purest form. In this card, the emotions overflow and fulfill the emptiness of the two, which in turn overflow with fulfillment. The three cups can be seen as a progression, the first cup as the beginning, which links the two, and  the two cups as a base for the one, or the one can be seen as the elevated creation/inspiration of the two cups.

The air surrounding this is rose pink, for the calm, soothing state of stability and balance... the warm fuzzy feelings that are created by love and fellowship in all its forms.

Card Meaning

The Three of Cups traditionally means joy and shared pleasures, creativity, dreams, intuition and imagination. This is a time of abundance, sharing, of reciprocating, of symbiosis that is interdependent and yet remains individualistic. It represents the glow and well being of companionship (three's company), "All for one, One for all," happiness, good fortune, because the rainbow has no end or beginning and encompasses all things within it, eternity and the fulfillment of emotional blessings. It is the outpouring of emotions and love that creates something greater from it.

Artistic Media

This card was digitally created using Adobe Photoshop I, I drew the cups and water with a Wacom pen & tablet, using metallic fills, a liquefy filter and lots of lasso to cut out spaces so the rainbow filter would show through.  The fun part of this is being able to change backgrounds, colors and fonts without having to start over each time.

Artist's Bio

WalesWoman, aka Deborah Oberndorfer, can draw much better on paper, but Photoshop is much easier to "undo" than an eraser and doesn't use up as much paper getting things closer to my vision.  One of these days I may add graphic artist to my résumé since this is what I do at work with Corel Draw, but am still mastering it.  I paint with watercolors mostly and if I had tried painting this, I might have gotten it done in time for the 5th AT Tarot project.

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