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3 of Swords

by Indigo Rose

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


A heart is suspended in the blue sky. Grey clouds swirl around it as 3 swords pierce through it. A single tear drops falls. A metal fence surrounds the heart.


  • The Swords are associated with the element of Air. This element deals in the realm of thought… consciousness… cognition.
  • The blue and grey colors are symbolic of the 2 sides of this element…positive and negative. The positive is bright and clear thinking; like the blue sky. The negative is dark and muddled thinking; like the grey clouds.
  • The Heart: This is symbolic of the seat of our emotions. It is here where our thoughts merge with our feelings.
  • The Eyes: It is said, “The eyes are the window of the soul.” Here we see pain of life emerge. They tell the story….they also keep the soul’s secrets.
  • The mouth is sealed…self expression is blocked; One single tear drop shows the beginning of the release…for it is when we can cry it out and really express our deepest sorrows; only then can we begin to heal.
  • The Fence: This is symbolic of being trapped; or staying stuck in one’s sorrows. I liken this to a prison of pain.
  • NumerologyThe number 3 is about self-expression, creativity, inspiration, and optimism. 3’s are a significant throughout the human experience. Consider the 3’s:
    ---Birth, Life, Death
    ---Father, Mother, Child
    ---Maiden, Mother, Crone (3 stages of a woman)
    ---Holy Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
    ---Past, Present, and Future.

Card Meaning

  • Heartache, mental confusion, feeling trapped and alone, stuck in a mental prison of pain.
  • Needing a new perspective; needing to release the inner turmoil of the soul….deep sorrow.

Artistic Media

Pencil sketching blended with computer art program.

Artist's Bio

Indigo Rose…just another soul on this journey called life.
Revelations 7:17

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