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4 of Swords

by QueenofPentacles

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


A weary man rests his head on his hand in the dark, below a stained glass window of a warrior wielding a heavy sword. Beside the old man, the same sword is mounted in a glass case.


The warrior has fought many battles and is considered a hero, immortalized in monuments and stained glass windows. After a long hard war, he has hung up his sword and is resting. While recovering his strength and energy, he takes the time to reflect on his actions. This is his time to consider his past and look inward. But his fight is not over; the sword stands at the ready within his reach.

Card Meaning

Rest and respite in the middle of one’s troubles. As this is an airy card, it can also represent introspection and taking stock. Now is the time to take the phone off the hook and regain physical and mental strength ­ to recover from past endeavours and gather strength for future action.

Artistic Media

Created in PhotoShop. The stained glass window and sword are from photos taken by me at the Wallace Memorial in Stirling, Scotland in 1999. The statue of the old man is from a photo of the Vimy War Memorial in France, taken during World War II by my grandmother-in-law.

Artist's Bio

QueenofPentacles has been studying and collecting the Tarot for about four years. She likes coffee, solitude, fog and the smell of the ocean. She dislikes her job, cell phones, rude people and the post office.

She lives in eastern Canada in an old farmhouse with almost 150 Tarot decks and her very patient husband. She is currently trying to create a collage Tarot deck for personal use and fighting a losing battle with Photoshop in the process.

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