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Five of Coins

by Annabelle4

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


Five purple thistles are set against a green textured backdrop. Rather than a stiffly posed arrangement, these thistles are set in motion - changing their shape, their dimensions, their positions, and their relationships to one another. Several of them are splitting apart, mirroring the way in which life splits and changes as it grows, from the cellular level all the way up to the level of human interaction.


The colors in this card - purple, green, and gold - were chosen because they have often been related to royalty, money, and things of the earth, all of which relate to the suit of Coins.

Card Meaning

When this card appears in a reading, it signifies a potentially difficult time of change, perhaps in the querent's financial life or work life or simply in meeting basic needs such as food and shelter. The stability of the Four of Coins has been thrown off kilter, and what seemed to be true is no longer so. What was whole is now split. What was stationary is now in motion. What was stagnant is now growing and changing. For example, a bad financial situation may be changing for the better. Or what appears to be a comfortable working environment may be changing for the worse. Whatever you think is true probably isn't any longer. This is a card that indicates a need for the querent to be cautious before acting, and to be prepared for some "growing pains."

Artistic Media

This card was created entirely in Paint Shop Pro 8, using various built-in brushes and effects as well as the Virtual Painter plug-in.

Artist's Bio

Annabelle4 is a 32 year old tarot collector and occasional tarot reader. She has no children or pets, but does have a very supportive partner and over 200 tarot decks to keep her company. This is her first attempt at tarot art.

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