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Five of Cups

by Temperlyne

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


Five glasses of wine are left on a table, the remnants of a party. The five of them create an inverted pentagram. In the centre of that pentagram lies a half eaten and already darkened apple.

Some of the glasses are stained with lipstick and most have been drunk from.

We look at the scene through the front glass, which has fallen and spilled its content over the table.


The five glasses represent the remnants of a previous night; they are witnesses of happiness that has ended, the mess after the party.

The apple can be anything from an ordinary piece of garbage to a symbolic piece of fruit. Is it the apple that Eve ate from and that sealed the fate of mankind? Or perhaps the apple Paris gave to the goddess of love, the symbol of the inevitable destruction of his hometown? It could even be the apple that poisoned sweet Snow-white. 

Card Meaning

The glasses represent the end of something good. If you look at this scene only through the fallen glass, only at the mess, you see the inverted pentagram; the lost beauty, the sadness. In stead you should try to see in this still life all the happy memories it represents. If the perspective is shifted and you look at the scene through the full glass, the pentagram is the right side up.

Even an apple in the midst of a pentagram can just be an ordinary piece of fruit. If you just look at its symbolic value, you never see it for what it is. Everything is what it is, and bad omens originate in our own fears.

Artistic Media

The image was first sketched in ordinary pencil than colored with water-soluble colored pencils. When touched by water the pencil transforms into aquarelle paint and this makes the colors more vibrant. After the colors had dried the lines were accentuated with black ink.

Artist's Bio

Bauke van den Oord is a self taught artist and a senior veterinary student from the Netherlands. She is currently working on the Temperlyne tarot, which consists of vibrant and unique oil paintings. By creating tarot cards the artist journeys deep within herself to meet her personal versions of the tarots archetypes.

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