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Six of Coins

by euripides

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


An anonymous hand proffers six bright coins, the closest one glinting in the light. The background is of luxuriously patterned fabric. The photographic version of the card is trimmed with expensive lace.


The coins most obviously symbolize money or material gain, but they can also represent other physical benefits, such as materials. The coin or pentacle also implies work, skills or talents.

It should also be remembered that money is fundamentally a means of exchange, a symbolic transfer of goods or services, storing the value until it can be retrieved. On a larger level it drives the economies of the world, with the loan of money keeping developing countries in serfdom to the world banks.

The image of the hand can represent the power of God - the action of the divine will, the presence of God in human affairs.The hand more simply implies a 'helping hand', reaching out to offer help or support, in this suit particularly in terms of career or coping with work.

Card Meaning

This card is based on the RWS Six of Coins, with its core meanings of charity, and financial gain or resolution of debt.

The orientation of the card could suggest either the hand of a donor reaching out towards the querent, or inverted, that of the querent offering to another. Generosity has its own rewards, and sometimes what costs you little may be a great gain to others.

These bright coins bring a smile and a welcome easing of the purse- strings, and the luxurious background and lace suggests wealth. The prettiness of the coins disguises their true worth: these are old and valueless coins - common, and worth little as either currency or collection. This gift is no great loss to its giver.

The disembodied hand suggests anonymous charity, but there is the unanswered question of who gives, and why. The coins might be what is needed to pay a debt, but are they really free? Are there any strings attached? Gratitude is not always the most comfortable of emotions, implying an obligation towards one's donor.

Beware the bright and shiny lure of an easy solution, for it may have a higher cost than you anticipate.

Artistic Media

This version was created in photoshop using a combination of a photograph of my hand with old coins, and scans of lace and fabric. The Magic Wand tool was used to select and cut the hand from the background (after first painting it evenly white) then the edges painted over and blurred to remove the 'cut out' look. The lace was scanned with black paper behind it to match the dark background of the card, then transparent layers of 'paint' added to soften the look. Gold lettering looked less stark than white. The 'dodge' tool was used to brighten the coins. The dodge tool and gold paint were added to suggest the effect of light from the coins on the fingers, with a lens flare effect adding sparkle.

Artist's Bio

Euripides has been studying Tarot for only two years, but more than twenty years of fascination with religious imagery, mythology, poetry and symbolism made the discovery of the Tarot feel like a kind of 'coming home'.

Originally trained as a printmaker, Euri is now an arttist and writer. Usually working in pencil, charcoal and mixed media, this small image was an interesting opportunity to explore computer-based photocollage.

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