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6 of Cups

by gregory

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


Six metal goblets in rainbow colours on a rainbow background and with a darker rainbow border.


The cups, rainbow coloured, form a circle in front of more rainbows. Rainbows are about finding the pot of gold at the end; these cups will lead to that, but will also keep the cycle of life going; they form a tight, safe circle but in no way a closed circle. The variety of colour allows for differences, change, attractive prospects. The cups are highly polished, new, brilliant.

Biblically the rainbow represents the bow used as a weapon that is now turned around as sign of peace and of hope. Rainbows also represent bridges or stairways to better things - in Thai mythology, for instance, a bridge to the heavens down which the nagas can descend ­ and the colours do not represent distinct elements, but aspects or qualities of the unity that is their source.  The Navajo say that gods travel the rainbow which is a rapidly moving road.  They believe that however fast we may run towards its end, we can never reach it. Many other religions have their own interpretations. More often rainbows are perceived as omens, a sign of something about to happen. Even in secular societies, a rainbow is usually taken as an auspicious sign. 

Rainbows are also a prime example of the illusion that we experience as the physical world; they are not real, but are ephemeral or transitory "objects" produced by the interplay of light and water.

Card Meaning

The six of cups is a happy card, all about optimism and the renewal of the present through what has happened in the past. Things from one’s life bring one pleasure ­ small things, ordinary things. The past is the key; it may be anything from the past. A bridge from the past leading to the present, as exemplified by the rainbow.

Artistic Media

A photo of a polished steel shot measure I just bought and was rather taken with, manipulated with Photoshop.

Artist's Bio

Gregory is a granny of two who lives in an old stone farmhouse in the far north of England. She is a naturalised Canadian and very proud of the fact. She loves cats, is afraid of dogs, and has a passion for water ­ lakes, the sea, rivers, and especially waterfalls. This is odd, as her birth sign is Scorpio.

This is her third tarot card. She is hugely partial to rainbows. And polished steel ­ which was what led her to suddenly want to do this card!

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