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Six of Swords

by lukedra

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


A weird carnivore creature is walking away from a dead body. The creature is similar to a rat but also has a pig tail and is the same size of one, with saber toothed teeth. The dead body is very thin sucked dry of blood. It has two large teeth marks showing the carnivore has obviously been feeding on the body. You cannot see the bodies face, there is also signs of a past struggle with its foot been cut off. In the trail of the carnivore it has left a green slime glow showing its path and six swords. The background is pitch black.


The background is black to symbolise not knowing what is in the distance or whats to come, The pig and rat qualities of the creature represent personality traits of people and some that need to be addressed when reading this card. The trail of swords represents moving on mentally.

Card Meaning

The trick to understanding this card is to put yourself in the position of the rat. The head of the dead body has been deliberately cut off to help in doing this. So It would be a healthy choice to start feeding on a new body. So you start your path searching through the darkness to find new feeding grounds for growth. All these attributes put together create a meaning of moving on mentally and physically for survival purposes.

Artistic Media

Sketched onto paper, scanned, then coloured using a computer. Then edited with much difficulty making it look less quality to change the carnivore to give a clearer meaning and something others can relate to better.

Artist's Bio

19 year old first year mechatronics engineer student from Sydney, Australia who has been doing tarot as a major hobby for a few years. A Sagittarian sun sign and Sagittarian ascendant, making him a real fire lover. Known for being quiet in large groups, the silent but deep type.

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