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Seven of Wands

by Lillie

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


Against a stormy sky a narrow stone bridge hangs above an abyss. The destination to which it leads cannot be seen. seven staffs, buring like torches, light the way along it's length.


The suit of wands is given to the element of fire, denoting the creative spark, action and activity. The number seven is traditionally seen as a mystic number, a number of luck and of perfection, usually assigned fortunate meanings.

In the English occult system of the Golden Dawn the seven's of each suit are given to Netzach, the 7th sphere on the tree of life. The meaning of Netzach is victory, but never the less this traditions see the seven's as weak and degenerate manifestations of their element. The 7 of Wands being designated to the idea of Valour, fighting agaist the odds, with the only hope of victory being through great personal effort.

The bridge of stone is symbolic of the bravery and effort indicated by the card. To cross this brdge would be an act of courage as it seems as though it would crumble beneath the walker's foot. Yet if one wished to reach the far side it must be attempted, the possibility of faliure must not be considered, however likely it may be. If victory is to be attained then the challenge must be faced.

The individual nature of the challenge is also symbolised here. The bridge of stone is not something that can be assaulted by force, an army could not lay seige in order to conquer it. It must be walked alone, by any that dare test their bravery against their fear. The stormy sky is an illustration of the trials and vicissitudes indicated by this card.

There is stormy weather ahead for anyone that dares to step out onto the bridge to discover what lies at the other end.

The mystic nature of the seven is implied by the concealed destination. On life's journey the future is always unknown, the search for wisdom is the step into the darkness, not knowing what may be found, or where that may lead.

The wands that light the path, whilst both emblematic of suit and element also show that where courage is present, where one is willing to take that step into the unknown and to fight against the odds, the luck of the seven and the victory promised by Netzach will be there to help them on their way.

Card Meaning

Individual courage. A difficult challenge. Victory obtained through effort. Opportunities for those that dare take them. Rising above difficulties.

Artistic Media

Felt pen drawing, coloured with pencils. Some digital adjustment of brightness and contrast. Titled and resized on the computer.

Artist's Bio

Lillie likes making things. She is currently working on a major arcana deck pyrographed onto wood.

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