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Eight of Coins

by euripides

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


The gardener works under the blue sky, though we can see the infinite sky behind it, constellations glittering deep in the darkness. The eight discs show the eight phases of the moon. The gardener is tilling the soil and pulling weeds, tending to the young plants. Behind him lush green bushes reach maturity.


The sign of Virgo, the ruler of the Eight of Coins, is in the right corner, the number eight, suggestive of the sign for infinity. The double horizontal loop, in botany, means 'an indefinite number of petals'. Virgo is traditionally represented by a winged woman holding an ear of corn in her hand.

Card Meaning

Because the Eight of Coins, is ruled by Virgo, it seemed natural that it should correspond to the lunar gardener's Moon in Virgo.

Virgo is a dry, barren, earthy feminine sign. This is the only feminine sign not used for planting. This is a good time to do yardwork and maintenance. Weeds are less likely to grow, so pull weeds and turn the sod, especially when the moon is in its fourth quarter.

More broadly, this card is about working and reaping the rewards of your labour. Sometimes these rewards are easy to lose sight of. Just as it can take many seasons before a tree bears fruit, so your projects may take time to come to fruition. Don't look for the shortcut that may leave your metaphorical trees vulnerable to drought. Deep roots take time to develop.

Watch out for flies in paradise. Like bugs in your tomatoes, there are always people looking for someone else to foot the bill for their banquet. Sometimes you might grin and bear it - a few bugs never did any harm - but don't be taken advantage of.

Artistic Media


Artist's Bio

Euripides has been studying Tarot for only two years, but more than twenty years of fascination with religious imagery, mythology, poetry and symbolism made the discovery of the Tarot feel like a kind of 'coming home'.

Originally trained as a printmaker, Euri is now an arttist and writer. Usually working in pencil, charcoal and mixed media, this small image was an interesting opportunity to explore computer-based photocollage.

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