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Nine of Coins

by QueenofPentacles

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


The figure of a woman stands in a secluded tree-lined lane, surrounded by roses and gold coins. She holds an eagle in her upraised hand.


The Nine of Coins represents a person who has achieved much for herself through hard work and discipline the same discipline that allows her to control the wild eagle. She enjoys surrounding herself with the finer things in life, and enjoying them in peace and quiet. This is a solitary card; the woman is master of her own world and means to live there in solitude.

This is a card representing self-sufficiency and personal satisfaction. Hard work and self-control have brought the Querent to their present position, and now is the time to enjoy the comfort and luxury and all that it has to offer.

Card Meaning

An independent man or woman of means. Solitary enjoyment of the physical and tangible, without selfishness. A hard-earned reward. The culmination of hard work and discipline.

Artistic Media

Scissors-and-glue collage. Background, eagle and roses are taken from personal photographs; the figure is drawn on marbled paper, and the title and coins are computer generated.

Artist's Bio

QueenofPentacles has been studying and collecting the Tarot for about four years. She likes coffee, solitude, fog and the smell of the ocean. She dislikes her job, cell phones, rude people and the post office. She lives in eastern Canada in an old farmhouse with almost 150 Tarot decks and her very patient husband. She is currently trying to create a collage Tarot deck for personal use and fighting a losing battle with Photoshop in the process.

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