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Page of Swords

by Keigh

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


A young woman stands atop a mountain striped with snow. She holds her sword behind her back, unsheathed and, at this time, unneeded. Her gaze is held by a red-tailed hawk that flies through the sky with a scroll clutched in its talons.


The sword is the symbol of intellect, logic, truth, and communication. It represents the element air. The mountain top on which the young page stands reaches into the sky, piercing the crisp clear air and giving the advantage of perspective and vision. The hawk that flies through the sky sees farther than human eyes can see, penetrating the depths of cloud and illusion alike. It is truth that is written upon the scroll the hawk carries.

Card Meaning

Far above the pollution and confusion of the world at large, our Page stands on top of the world, breathing fresh clear air and gaining knowledge and perspective that those upon the lowlands cannot obtain. The hawk, like the page is a carrier of messages. The sword held loosely behind the Page’s back is representative of her ability to cut out the noise and pollution of regular communications, revealing the simple purity of truth. This card is a portent of messages sent and received. If you draw this card in a reading you are being asked to look with clear eyes upon a situation. You must seek the purity of truth. You may receive an unexpected message.

Artistic Media

This card was created with Photoshop CS.

Artist's Bio

Keigh has spent several years supervising the work of digital artists and has been inspired to try following in their footsteps by creating art without pencils or paints.

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