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Knight of Coins

by WalesWoman

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


A man swinging a golf club from a protected shady area. Behind him is a flag, stretch of open water and mountains in the background.


This knight has just finished working in the woods all day, developing his property, so still has his grimy, mud caked clothing on as he attempts to swing his club and get the ball across the water and hit some unseen fallen logs lying on the beach some hundred yards away. Patience, planning, being attuned with his body, control of motion and keeping his eye on the ball, will eventually earn him his goal. as well as a full bucket of golf balls. He enjoys the pleasures of life as well, and relishes a cold beer at the end of hard day, knowing the value of a job well done. As a Knight, some of his most favorite tasks are "honey do's" issued by the Queen.

His shirt is red, to symbolize his drive to achieve his goals and desires and protect his body. The sleeves rolled up to show his commitment to tackling any task he encounters and his willingness to pitch in and get the job done. His mud caked blue jeans are torn and tattered and well worn, reflecting his attitude that hard work and persistence pay off. He stands in the shaded lush undergrowth at the forest edge, surrounded by the bounty of earth. He is shaded from the hot, drying Sun, so is not overwhelmed by Fire, but helps to illuminate and define his target/mission. His target lies across the water, to show that he has to cross the creative barriers in order to reach his goals. The sky is blue, to show the clearness of his attitude, thoughts and intent. The golf ball is white, the purity of means to achieve a goal.

The flag is the symbol of his allegiance and loyalties. The wind that blows it, is the mental push to Just Do It! The mountains behind, symbolize the heights of his ambition and the water represents the breadth and depth of his commitment. His emotions may run... deep and wide, but is firmlygrounded and maintains some distance from them. The green leaves show his penchant for growth and prosperity, the rocks for his solidity, dependability and permanence.

The green border is representative of earth, growth and all the greenery of coins.

Card Meaning

The Knight of Clubs has a mission to accomplish and has the concentration, determination and abilities to carry through to realize his goals. Patience, persistence and close attention to detail and finesse will assist in reaching those goals. If this is a person, they will have tenacity, loyalty, willingness to work hard to finish a task. They are willing to go for the long haul, realizing it may take time and much patience to bear fruit and are not willing to try to rush things. His motto might be Haste makes Waste. His other motto is Business is Pleasure, but throws himself into both, work and pleasure with equal fervor and commitment. Also he is adaptable to his surroundings, equal to any task... He will be as comfortable in a boardroom as he would be in the woods and cleans up well. He is dependable, steady and rock solid. He knows his own value and the value of a job well done and enjoys earning his rewards.

Be prepared for what you are going to do, don't expect instant gratification, but commit to the bigger picture of what the future has in store and keep your eyes on the means to get there.

Artistic Media

A real digital photo using the outlining effect in Adobe Photoshop, cropped, resized & pasted onto the 380 x 605 pixel sized "card."

Artist's Bio

WalesWoman, reading tarot for 5 years (already?) usually uses pencils and paper to create and paints with watercolors, but is playing more and more with digital imaging. Had some art in high school and in college, but is largely untrained, learns from trial and mostly error.

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