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Knight of Wands

by Simone

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


We glimpse her as she rushes by, the next jump of that cat takes them both out of our view. This wild woman riding a cat with a great speed that make her hair seem on fire, flowing behind her like the flames on top of the wand she carries, is exhilarated in the moment, we can almost hear her yell. She rushes past the landscape without looking at it, not even the gnarled old tree is catching her attention.


Speed, joy of life, impulsiveness, taking advantage of the moment is expressed with this woman, naked, who has climbed that cat on the spur of a moment. The fire expresses the energy deployed, the cat the wild element and the action. The tree passed by without a glimpse is the seemingly static moment of reflection and growth which a knight of wands only bears with impatience.

Card Meaning

Fast paced life-style, impulsiveness. Carpe diem, this Knight of Wands will not waste an opportunity to enjoy herself. She is not one to reflect for long, she jumps on the opportunity passing by and rides it to the fullest.

She is full of energy, and is not afraid to spend it. Actually, the speed gives her an extra rush and she spends her days in what is almost a frenzy. She will defend her ideals with a passion, riding to war against enemies, grabbing the first steed at hand.

She will also involve you, whether you want it or not, and if you cannot keep up with her speed she leaves you behind. And she sometimes will take advantage, without thinking, of those around her to achieve her goals.

She has no concept of others wanting something different, she takes those around her for granted, she moves on, and sometimes might be astonished if others can't follow or block her. Which might result in her being irritable and impatient.

Artistic Media

The base for this card was black drawing paper. After having been drawn by pencil, the drawing has been coloured in with plain and metallic gouaches (the knight's body is copper, a colour we find also in the hair, the flame and the tree). The outlines of the cat and the woman have been enhanced by a fine silver metallic marker. The digital version has been scanned and subsequently been cropped to the right size using the Windows Paint program.

Artist's Bio

Simone (37) lives in Luxembourg and has been interested in Tarot for many a year, but began her deeper studies of it only around 4 years ago. She is interested in spirituality, life and the connections of everything. She is an investigator of human nature and development. She likes Tarot, Nature, walking, art, reading and all other expressions of life.

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