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The Devil

by Celeste

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


The scene is in the bowels of the earth.

The man and woman have arrived there of thier own volition and are free to leave at any time (hence the open gated exits with stairs leading up and out of this dark place.

They are in no hurry  however. The woman is entranced , and enmeshed with the snake of desire  The woman is shamed by her association with this creature yet still reaches for it.

The man is obsessed with pure materialism, signified by the six gold and green nuggets or jewels that he has discovered.

Each could help the other but thier self-imposed isolation is total, signified by the distance between them as well as thier backs are turned from each other. Thier interaction is with objects rather than each other, that, at the end of the day still leave them not quite satisfied.

In the middle of the scene is a towering tree that is grey, gnarled and rotted at its core. It's roots are exposed but deep and thick. The branches bear not fruit or foilage but gold that rains down on the occupants randomly, keeping them entranced and seduced, waiting for the next current of wind that will reward them for being there. On the left hand side is a flash from the camera hitting the gold (sequins) on the tree.

In the center of the tree branches is the nucleus-a large red unblinking eye that sees all. The iris is composed of spokes that radiate past the cornea of the eye.

Magazine letters and numbers comprise the title.


The snake symbolises wisdom-but of a carnal nature. The orange markings on the snake signify sexuality,lust, and passion.

The six nuggets or jewels are gold and green for vitality, opulance, growth, material value.

The open gated exits are symbolic of choice and the stairs for moving "up and out".

The tree itself is a symbol for a  value system that is corrupted but still functioning (think of some large corporations that are rooted in the fabric of society but have a self-serving purpose.).

The gold sequins symbolize all that glitters but that may be of a random and illusory nature.

The camera flash on the left side of the tree symbolizes what "blinds"us and distorts our perceptions. It can also leaves us bound to our obsessions, greed and desires. The gold is too high to obtain on its own-it's an object that can never be wholly claimed.

The eye signifies "Ayin" the quabbalistic correspondence for this card on the Tree of Life. The pupil is a large red faux gem signifying passion. The iris of the eye is composed of red acrylic paint and cut up credit cards. They specifically signify both exceeding and being aware of our limits as human beings.

The question also begs to be asked "What can you take credit for? What do you credit? What credits is your life composed of? What do you owe-to others-and yourself?"

The magazine letters and numbers that comprise the title signify the superficiality and underlying malevolence of what the Devil stands for.

They also reminded me of "hostage letters" popularised on crime-based tv shows. To me they are asking "What is holding you hostage?" The blackness is the dullness of mind that doesn't reach for different answers or is ignorant of it's choices.

Card Meaning

No limitation , or it's opposite : self imposed limitation.

Artistic Media

Acrylic paint, gold sequins, faux craft gems, cut up credit cards, a rubber toy snake, cut out  magazine letters and numbers, a 16 x20 canvas, and crazy glue to put it all together.

Artist's Bio

Celeste Taylor is a 4th level tarot graduate of McClaren Tarot Institute in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She has also taken classes with Rachel Pollack and Teresa Michelson as well as being self-taught at times and extremely intuitive.

Prior to any professional certification, tarot has always been a fascination, passion, and hobby since the first time she came across a tarot deck in her teens. Celeste has a flegling tarot business that she hopes to expand upon retirement from her "other "career.

Celeste is also intensely interested in Tarot Art, Kundalini Yoga, Reiki, and Intuitive Development-all of which she hopes to pursue sometime in the future.

Celeste has also struggled at various times in her life with credit card addiction-(as well as others!)but is currently debt-free. There is still an unactivated credit card in her possession (just in case)

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