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The Fool

by similia

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


A laughing Alien, being "beamed" out into space from his spaceship. His companion dog floats upside down at his side, and below is the planet Uranus.


I wanted to keep the card simplistic and cartoonish, but added a few little bits of Golden Dawn derived symbolism to amuse myself. The yellow light beam, for the color of Aleph's path from Kether to Chokmah. I made The Fool a silent laugher, to go with his position of floating in space, as well as the silent nature of the letter Aleph sometimes associated with the Fool. A little play on "In space, no one can hear you scream" from the Alien movies. The symbol for Air as an unconventional belt buckle for The Fool, in keeping with the Fool/Aleph's attribution to the element of Air.

The dog is actually my own dog Max. His upside down floating shows the Uranian meaning of being outside the norm. Anyone who has met my dog, knows he does not go upside down. He wriggles and squirms and runs away! Unlike the airy-soundless Fool, the dog needs a bubble to survive.

Card Meaning

In Space, No One Can Hear You Laughing

This Fool is a crazy-fun Fool. Childish and immature, but on a fun adventure. He has his best friend along for the ride, and is carried along himself by things he doesn't really understand. He is free floating, and has no real direction as yet. Maybe when he reaches the planet below...

Artistic Media

I wanted to keep the card simple and childlike, fitting with the Fool's meaning and my own artistic abilities. I used water color pencils in a few basic colors, a wet brush and a thick black pen. Also some touchups in Paint for when my Fool had trouble staying inside the lines.

Artist's Bio

Similia is often confused with The Fool. The card says it all.

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