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The Hanged Man

by Indigo Rose

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
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The Hanged Man is suspended upside down beneath a tree. He is hanging by one leg connected at his foot to a single vine. A dove descends upon him carrying an olive branch. In the heavens, the Sun and moon watch over him. His eyes are closed and he is still. A dove descends upon him and he is surrounded by an angelic light.


The Hanged Man represents the pathway of enlightenment, where we connect our spirits back to the Divine. As a Christian, I see this connection demonstrated through Jesus the Christ; though I respectfully acknowledge this pathway can be seen modeled and expressed in the varying religions of the World.

Here are the symbols used and their meanings:

Star of David appears on his forehead. This is a hexagram which is also known as Solomon's Seal. Though it is generally recognized as a universal symbol for Judiasm, it has been used by Christians, Islam, Eastern Religions, and the Occult. The star has been used as a Mandala. In this way, it symbolizes the "Nara-Narvana"…which is considered a perfect meditative state of balance.

The Hanged Man's hair was drawn to resemble that of a lion. This connects to the Biblical reference of Revelation 5:5 *Lion of the tribe of Judah*…which further links to The Christ. Along with this the Hanged Man wears a red heart with a white cross on his chest. This is a symbol of Esoteric Christianity which teaches the path of enlightenment.

The Yin/Yang symbol appears on his pant leg…This represents the duality of life…positive/negative…male/female…light/dark….I feel the spiritual path brings us to the realization that things exist in a cosmic balance. Accepting this natural dynamic we can learn to ride the ebbs and flows of life and greatly increase our inner peace.

Two Hebrew Letters appear the Yod to the west and the Mem to the east of the Hanged Man. The Yod represents the "hand of God" and the mem represents "waters". The mem is open which indicates an openness to receive enlightenment. I have placed both letters in the blueness around the Hanged Man. This is symbolic of the waters of consciousness and all it's levels. It is in these waters we find our connection to the Divine and all life.

Shekhina and the Dove: The green glow around the Hanged Man resembles angelic wings and is symbolic of the Shekinah or radiance of God. The term is feminine in Hebrew, which many believe represents the feminine qualities of God. Legend speaks of this Divine radiance coming upon those who become one with the Creator. The Dove descends carrying an olive branch, which represents a state of peace and tranquility achieved by receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit. The key to receiving this gift is being in a state of receptivity or openness to the Creator…."Ask and you shall receive." This links to the meditative qualities of the Hanged Man and seeking spiritual enlightenment.

Astrological Symbols: The symbol for Jupiter(planet of expansion, opportunity) and Neptune(planet of mysticism and spirituality)rule Pisces; along with the Moon they signify the path of enlightenment, which leads to expansion of intuitive gifts, spirituality, and tranquility. The Hanged Man is linked with the 12th sign of the Zodiac, Pisces: the twin fish.. Here we find another link to Jesus the Christ, who in fact ushered in the Age of the Piscean. His life and ministry are often represented by the symbol of the fish. His path was that of surrender, sacrifice, and empathy. He demonstrated the path of Oneness with the Creator is reached through unconditional love.

Numerology: The Hanged Man is number 12 of the Major Arcana. The number twelve is seen as a number of completion and reduced becomes 3, which is the number of Divine perfection found in the Triune God. The 12 here is connected to the "Law of Reversal" which here means that one needs a reversal of attitude or perspective in order to gain greater understanding of the big picture. The application of this goes from the mundane to the spiritual. However, the essence is the same: looking at things from another point of view. I see this communicated strongly in the Hanged Man.

The Rainbow is individual colors woven together to form the whole of the color spectrum. The spiritual origin is found in the Genesis story after the Great Flood, where God tells Noah the rainbow is the sign of His covenant with all Living beings, that the earth will never again be destroyed by water. (Genesis 9:11-17) We are all tied together like the rainbow. Spiritual enlightenment comes as we learn to honor our diversity while embracing our oneness.

Card Meaning

Positive: Self-Sacrifice, seeking spiritual insight, spiritual/psychic awareness, inner peace, spiritual awakening, solitude, suspension, the need for a new perspective, empathy, and uniqueness.

Negative: Self-absorbed, materialistic, unaware, rigid, bias, and

Artistic Media

Mixed media hand drawn pencil, ink; computer program.

Artist's Bio

I live an ordinary life with extraordinary things happening every day! I see life as a journey of the soul. I am a Christian who embraces the concept of reincarnation and esoteric knowledge. In this, I believe we are placed here on the Earth Plane to learn. What's the essence of what we are supposed to be learning? How to Love and Be Loved….all else is truly secondary. Matthew 22:38-40. Peace and Blessings to All.

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