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The Hierophant

by Fulgour

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


In an ancient time, a lone figure forges their way across a swelling river. Confident and determined, the traveller braces against a mighty staff, but seems to pause as a star, lit as if in a vision, appears in the night sky to the East, where the Sun will soon rise in Aries, on the first day of Spring.


The night sky with a bright star, the desert landscape with a burgeoning watercourse, and there, a visionary, perhaps a prophet, following an inner calling, and inspired by natural delights. In this image, The Hierophant may be old or young, male or female, a member of an organised group or a solitary seeker.

Card Meaning

The Hierophant, traditionally titled Le Pape, is actually neither, for this is Tarot and formal titles and meanings are merely starting points. "The Hierophant" signifies tradition, in all its forms, active and passive, positive and negative. The answer to the card's meaning, like the vision of a prophet, may be told in words, but only truly known in the heart.

Artistic Media

14 individual pieces of paper were used, arranged to create the final image. Free hand drawings were made first, and then traced in outline on coloured paper and cut with an exacto knife. A glue stick was utilised to fix the pieces in place.

Artist's Bio

Fulgour began studying Tarot in 1969, and Runes shortly after. He is a 1978 graduate of Southern Illinois University, where he majored in English Literature of the Renaissance. He and his wife Christine, a native of Scarborough, England, make their home in Belvidere, Illinois, along with their very amazing kitty, Madeline.

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