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The Magician

by Elven

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


The Alchemist at work in his mysterious laboratory, surrounded by the arcane apparatus of this craft pelicans, aludels, serpents, stills, alembics, glowing athanors, rare and enigmatic texts written in Greek, Latin, or Arabic, sought wealth and power far beyond the ephemeral dreams of ordinary men.

Through a secret fusion of magic and science, alchemy sought to harness the powers of nature to transmute common metals into silver and gold, to discover the formula of prolonging life the aqua vitae and to create human life itself in the form of the homunculus. Closely linked with these material experiments was a Spiritual Quest the alchemists desire for the perfection and purification of his own Soul.

"At its core, Alchemy is an exploration of the principle of transformation based on the ancient Greek saying hen to pan or ALL IS ONE".
by Lois Hill New York 1990.


Above - represented in swirling lines below the branch (Air/Fire/Earth)
Below represented as swirling dotted lines above the Mountain (Fire/Air/Earth)

Above represented in the Flaming Wand held by the Alchemist (Air/Fire/Earth)
Below represented by the purging fires of the Volcano.(Fire/Earth/Water)

Above represented as the clear liquid in the Alchemists Flask.(Water/Earth)
Below represented by the snow & the downstream Flowing River.(Water/Air/Earth)

Above Represented by the sediment immersed in water at the bottom of the Alchemists Flask. (Earth/Water)
Below represented by the Mountains (Earth/Water/Air)

The following, is a list of Symbols, which can be found on the card the Alchemist. It is not possible to describe each here in full detail, but further exploration of the Keywords below, will help expand the Symbols relevance to the cards interpretation.

Symbols: To Calcinate, To Coagulate, To Distill, Putrefaction, To Fire, To Filter, To Liquefy, To Dissolve, To Mix, To Precipitate, To Powder, To Boil, To Sublime, To Infuse.
Red Drapes: Symbols - Copper, Iron, Lead, Tin, Sulphur, and Mercury.
Helix: Clockwise Anti-clockwise.
Lemniscate Banner: A-L-C-H-E-M-I-S-T
Branch - Sun, Moon.
Leaves - Planets
Philosophers Stone, Apex
The Earthly Physical World, The Spiritual Heavens and Cosmos
Conscious- Sub Conscious - Unconscious
Oceans, Snow, Stream
Mountains, Volcano

Numbers One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten.

7 Metals associated with the 7 Planets: Gold Sun, Silver Moon, Mercury Mercury, Copper Venus, Iron Mars, Tin Jupiter, Lead Saturn.

Colours Red, Black, White, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Yellow, Light green, Dark Green, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Gold, Silver.

THE ALCHEMIST transmutation, suspension, inversion, thought before action, male, female, scales, arms, mouth. Mercury, Moon, Tails, Serpent, Lion, Flask, Wand, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. Hermes, Thoth, Wings Bat, Dragon, Angel, Pelican, Butterfly, Balance, Flight, Attainment, 20(+) + 20(-) Feathers.

Card Meaning

An act in the process of obtainment.

Keywords: Ignition, Knowledge, Initiate, Create, Conductor, Manipulation, Process, Action, Transformation, Transmutation, Metamorphosis, Liberation, Attainment and Inversion.

Artistic Media

White cardboard. Coloured Pencils: Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Brown.
Marker Pen: Black. Gel Pen: Gold, Silver

Artist's Bio

Elven enjoys being creative through art and crafts, fictional fantasy writing, reading Tarot and creating Oracles, exploring the earth and looking at the stars.

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