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by Dancing Bear

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
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It is a collage of symbolism.


  • Lion: Leo, Strength, Leadership, action desire and can denote secret wisdom
  • Butterfly: transformation, new life, emerge from an old cocoon.
  • Buildings: Building dreams and empires
  • Marigolds: Sun flower, softness.
  • Rainbow of colours: Show your true colours, good fortune, protection, happy omen, to Love and be Happy
  • Pomegranate: Fertility , seeds to grow, you can be strong and gentle at the same time, Passive aspect of life.
  • Tiger: Dare to be different and have courage
  • Palms: Earth, keeping grounded, healing victory, ego to over rule.
  • Woman: Using the nurturing side, subconscious mind.
  • Sun: Allowing the Light to shine through us.
  • Infinity sign: refers to many things but in this case, it would refer to distances spiritually travelled being over the third chakra. It is also a traditional symbol that normally company’s the woman in the traditional Strength card.
  • Cross: is a symbol of manifestation and the four corners of the world, it expresses our encounter with actual experience & ability to take command of life’s conflicts so that they may be brought to a balanced harmony.
  • Isis’s crown: She represented both the life giving Spring Winds of Egypt and the morning winds that hailed the arrival of the Sun each day.
  • Red: Life force, strength, vitality, courage, passion, action, energy, heart, soul, willpower, vitality, Love, earthly desires, action and the need to use direction optimism and cheerfulness.
  • Orange: Colour of fire and the lion, pride ego, splendour, ambition, authority, vitality, joy, intelligence and earthly desires combined.
  • Yellow: the colour of the sun, illumination, caution, the will, masculine power, knowledge, intellect, consciousness, zest for life, clairvoyance, communication.

Card Meaning

You have the Courage and Strength to allow your True colours to shine through…just as the suns rays.
You have emerged from a place of darkness with newfound Wisdom.
You are able to have the Strength of character and yet be nurturing and soft at the same time.
You have the abilities to build your dreams and even empires if you so wish..
You are creative with your abilities and have the tact to communicate well with others now,
You have grown strong not only mentally but spiritually ,
You are to be congratulated, and remember you cannot fail whatever you choose as you have the newfound wisdom courage and strength to pursue anything you desire.

Artistic Media

Artist's Bio

Dancing Bear lives in Far North Queensland, Australia. "I am Mother to three small children, a wife and an Artist in her Spare time, I have worked with many Art Societies in my time and am having a year off this year, and trying to concentrate on my Spiritual development. I have been reading Tarot for about one year and I am hooked, I have always read palms and adapted to Shamanism, but not strict as my background is Celtic/Druid.. I try with all divination systems… to develop an intuitive relationship with them from the beginning.. So I am not one for studying the meanings in depth, I like to be free with my interpretations, I do love Symbolism and have always gone for decks with ample symbolism.. It is truly an addiction I have with the Tarot.. It has opened up a whole new world for me and hope it continues for quite some time.."

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