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The World

by valeria

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


The Fool has completed his journey and has inherited The World.


In the story of the Major Arcana, The Fool sets out on a journey. Throughout the journey, he encounters the entities that are depicted in each card. Regardless of the trials required of The Fool to progress on the journey, he succeeds and continues. The last card in the Major Arcana is The World the end of The Fool's journey. In this card, I have attempted to show the journey as if it were a mountain to climb. The mountain is made up of the members of the Major Arcana. Not all the Majors are shown, but the intent is to represent that they are all there. The Earth is shown as a glowing orb in the universe, the glow is the perception of The Fool who sees The World for what it is, and rejoyces in the knowledge.

The World speaks to each of us – the goal of our own journeys, enlightenment. There is knowledge in how the world works and what it is made up of. Nothing is unneeded – even the smallest detail has purpose. It is the “universal theory” made manifest. It is The World but not the Earth per se – the World is the Universe in that is how we perceive it.

The World is the understanding that we are all part of something bigger, greater than ourselves. We can't control it but we can understand and through understanding adapt and manage because we are part of it. We are made up of all that has been learned by us, and by those before us.

Card Meaning

Completing a journey or a trial. Being on the threshhold of another journey. Understanding. Seeing the big picture and recognition of being part of it. Being on the correct path.


Not completing what is started. Not recognizing what is important. Not seeing what is around because not looking. Veering off the path that one should be on.

Artistic Media

The card was created digitally using an iMac computer running Intaglio and LiveQuartz.

Artist's Bio

Valeria is a software/systems engineer by profession and has degrees in engineering and information technology. She is relatively new to Tarot and is eternally thankful to the friend that introduced her to it about five years ago. This is the first card she has ever designed.

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